The Greens chairman Robert Habeck expects the public prosecutor's investigations against the party executive because of controversial bonus payments to be completed quickly.

"It will all be cleared up very quickly now," said the Federal Economics and Climate Protection Minister on Thursday in Munich.

"The public prosecutor's office must initiate these preliminary investigations in order to clarify this matter." That is "the normal official channel".

The Greens board is cooperating “fully”, Habeck assured.

He was unhappy that the issue is now back in the public debate. "The corona bonuses have long since been repaid," he emphasized. The investigations by the Berlin public prosecutor's office were based on "the well-known events that were already presented during the election campaign last year". The whole topic was "in this respect repeatedly muddled through politically," judged Habeck. After the end of the public prosecutor's investigations, "the chapter will also be finally closed".

The Berlin public prosecutor's office has initiated investigations against the entire federal executive board of the Greens because of the Corona special payments.

There is "the initial suspicion of infidelity," said the spokesman for the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office, Martin Steltner, on Wednesday.

"Several reports" were received from private individuals.

It's about a corona bonus that the Green federal executive board is said to have granted itself in 2020.

According to "Spiegel", the special payments amounted to 1,500 euros each.