[Joo Young-jin's News Briefing]

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■ Broadcast: SBS <News Briefing of Joo Young-jin> Mon-Fri (14:00~16:00)

■ Host: Joo Young-jin anchor

■ Interview: Jeon Jae-soo, Democratic lawmaker, Kim Kyung-jin, Standing Director of Public Affairs at the People's Power Ahead Office, Visiting Shin SBS editorial Member


● Chung Cheong-rae "Lee Hee-kwan" "This demand to leave the party"

Jeon Jae-soo / Democratic Party lawmaker

"Chung Cheong-rae's 'Bongi Kim Seon-dal' expression is inappropriate... Leaving the party, it's something to decide for yourself"

"We will try to resolve misunderstandings with the Buddhist community… There is no such thing as a 'hetero-nuclear view'"

Kim Gyeong-jin / People's Power Former Executive Director Public Affairs Special Head "Chung Cheong-


, quit the 'show' for a while... clear stance needed"

"People-Buddhist perceptions regarding the collection of admission fees are conflicting... Requires an open discussion with the political

world" "

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