The Tonga volcano erupted on a large scale on January 15, causing disasters such as tsunamis and volcanic ash.

The Chinese government pays close attention to it, rushed to help urgently, and actively provided emergency humanitarian assistance to Tonga.

The Red Cross Society of China has provided emergency humanitarian cash assistance of US$100,000 to Tonga.

  The Chinese government urgently raised a batch of emergency supplies such as drinking water and food worth 280,000 yuan through the embassy in Tonga and donated it to the Tongan government on the 19th.

  So far, Chinese citizens and enterprises in Tang are safe, and no reports of casualties have been received.

The Tongan government has made every effort to provide disaster relief, and electricity, communications and air routes are gradually being restored.

The Chinese Embassy in Tonga is operating normally and will continue to provide consular protection services to Chinese citizens in need.

(The production of Li Jiali’s video comes from the Chinese Embassy in Tonga)

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]