The autopsy of the corpse discovered by a passerby in Perpignan, in the area of ​​Château-Roussillon, confirmed the criminal hypothesis.

The pathologist from the Montpellier forensic institute confirmed that the victim had received several bullets in the body.

One of the victim's arms was also severed.

Further technical investigations must be carried out in order to precisely determine the date of his death.

It goes back several weeks, even several months.

The corpse was in an advanced state of decomposition when the walker made this gruesome discovery.

Only certainty, it is a man.

A body in search of identification

The police in charge of the murder investigation have been studying reports of missing persons for several weeks in order to discover his identity.

"We have several working hypotheses", specifies the public prosecutor of Perpignan, Jean-David Cavaillé.

Miscellaneous facts

Perpignan: A walker discovers a mutilated corpse

Miscellaneous facts

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