In the UK, a customer who broke a bottle of alcohol in a supermarket and made a riot has been sentenced to prison.

A woman picks up a bottle of liquor on a shelf and keeps throwing it to the floor. The floor is already covered with broken bottles, and liquor is pouring out of the bottles, creating a puddle.

This video was filmed at a mart in the UK in November 2020.

It is said that the woman's riot caused property damage of 10,000 pounds or 16 million won in our money.

A woman who recently appeared in court admitted to all the charges, but said, "I was unable to work due to the corona lockdown and was in a difficult state of losing my job."

A court sentenced the woman to 12 weeks in prison, saying, 'Many people have been in similar predicaments by not being able to work during the coronavirus lockdown but have not acted that way'.

In addition, we ordered the supermarket to compensate about 8 million won in our money of 5,000 pounds.