Customs seized a ton of cocaine overnight from Monday to Tuesday on board two sailboats off Martinique, a source close to the investigation said on Wednesday.

According to this same source, confirming information from the newspaper

France Antilles

, "several people have been placed in police custody", referring to a "very nice catch" without giving more details on the seizures at this stage.

A cocaine trafficking hub

In Martinique, the police have multiplied major seizures in recent months.

In December 2021, a record catch of 1.4 tonnes was made on this island in the French West Indies and six men were imprisoned.

This cargo could have brought in some 45 million euros on resale.

Since June 2021, more than five tonnes of cocaine have been intercepted from Martinique or on Martinique territory.

The Caribbean region, close to the three main producing countries (Peru, Colombia and Bolivia), is a hub for cocaine trafficking.

The drug most often transits through the Caribbean islands to then reach European countries.


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Miscellaneous facts

Netherlands: 1.6 tons of cocaine seized in the port of Rotterdam

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