Recently, a composite brigade of the 75th Army of the Army conducted a combat-oriented infantry company comprehensive exercise in a certain area of ​​the western Yunnan plateau with the mountains and jungles as the combat background.

  The exercise project covers more than 20 subjects such as cliff climbing, concealed penetration, and live ammunition shooting. It aims to allow officers and soldiers to challenge themselves and break through limits under the background of high intensity and overload, and comprehensively test the combat quality and effectiveness of the troops and the actual combat skills of officers and soldiers.

  It is understood that during this exercise, the guiding team followed up the whole process, found out the bottom line of the problems exposed in the assessment, and formulated a more complete and more practical exercise plan, so that the actual combat training can truly go to the battlefield.

(Produced by Zhang Wenjie, Fan Xinbo and Zhang Xiang, Yang Xueyao's video is sourced from a synthetic brigade of the 75th Group Army)

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]