▲Hana Horka, who intentionally died of COVID-19

A Czech singer who is opposed to vaccines is shocked by the death of a Czech singer who deliberately contracted COVID-19 to get a vaccine pass.

According to foreign media reports such as the BBC on the 19th (local time), on the 16th, Czech folk band vocalist Hana Horka died at the age of 57 from complications related to Corona 19.

Since November 22, last year, the Czech Republic has applied the 'Vaccine Pass'.

The Czech Republic Vaccine Pass can be issued when a person is vaccinated or recovered after being infected with COVID-19.

Horka's son, Jan Lek, said, "The vaccine pass limited my mother's band performances, so I think she wanted to get Corona."

▲ A condolence message posted on the website of the band to which Horka Hana belongs

He said, "My mother was an 'anti-vaccer' who was against the COVID-19 vaccine. thought that it would be better to get sick and then get better than to get vaccinated."

Horka wrote on his SNS on the 14th, two days before his death, "I survived. It was intense. Now I can go to the theater, sauna, concert, and I can go on a trip to the sea." I did. 

Rek said, "On the day of her death, my mother said, 'I feel good' and was getting ready to go for a walk, but felt a back pain and died within 10 minutes of lying down for a while. 

Meanwhile, today (20th), the daily number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic reached a new high of 28,564, and the death rate is 1.4%.

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(Photo = 'Asonance' official website)