For the benefit of refugees, displaced persons and disadvantaged groups

"Let's Make Their Winter Warmer" raises $11 million in 12 days

155,000 donors from 120 countries participated in the campaign.

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The “Let’s Make Their Winter Warmer” campaign exceeded the $10 million it targeted, and collected more than $11 million in donations for the benefit of more than 110,000 families in the Arab region and Africa to enable them to overcome the harsh winter cold and secure their basic needs, within the framework of the partnership between the leading international bodies in the work Al-Khair Foundation, led by the "Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives", the "United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees" and the "Network of Regional Food Banks".

The initiative, in which YouTuber Hassan Suleiman (Abu Fella) participated through a live broadcast that continued throughout the campaign days, which began on January 7, received a wide regional and global response, as the number of donors exceeded 155,000 donors from 120 countries, and the total value of their humanitarian contributions reached $11,053,174, will be provided in the form of material subsidies to help 110,531 families, as 3.8 million refugees in the region suffer from the cold of winter, storms and continuous rain, according to UNHCR statistics, in addition to millions of underprivileged families in the Arab region and Africa.

Many newspapers and media channels praised the initiative, praising the role of the United Arab Emirates and its efforts in humanitarian and charitable work, which made the UAE a capital of humanity and an energy of hope from which every poor and needy draws. And with the support of the citizens and residents of the country, where its people, with their rapid interaction, affirmed its original metal and the noble values ​​​​on which it was brought up, and the campaign witnessed wide interaction among celebrities and influencers on social media, who initiated interaction with it from all over the world, which confirms the true value of content makers. And their influential role in humanitarian work.

Sarah Al Nuaimi, Director of the Office of "Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives", confirmed that the great response to the campaign, during a period of no more than two weeks, contributed to emphasizing the position of the United Arab Emirates, as it has always stood in the ranks of the world's leading countries in finding and activating channels of humanitarian action through Pioneering qualitative initiatives that open the way for everyone to carry out their duty towards the less fortunate and help them lead a decent life.

For his part, the founding member and head of the regional network of food banks, Dr. Moez Al-Shahdi, stressed that the success of the campaign confirms the importance of the collective efforts led by the UAE at the regional level to provide relief to the neediest individuals and families in refugee and displacement camps in many regions of the world, in cooperation with the United Nations.

He added that the network will supervise the distribution of aid to deserving groups, as food banks provide various services such as feeding, dressing, healing and rehabilitating the deserving groups in the region to provide a better life.

Believing in the societal role, YouTuber Hassan Suleiman “Abu Fella” dedicated his efforts to support humanitarian causes, and on this occasion, YouTuber Hassan Suleiman “Abu Fella” expressed his happiness and pride in the results he achieved during the 12-day live broadcast, whose results will help more than 110 thousand families Refugee and displaced during the winter.

He said: "We have proven that Arab youth are capable of changing reality, even with the least possible, and reaching a bright future. People are for people. This sentence is not a metaphorical slogan. Rather, it was proven by the huge numbers of donors who felt the suffering of refugees and displaced persons and did good deeds, all as much as they could." This reflects the huge impact of this campaign, which reflects the enthusiasm of viewers to participate.”

Abu Falah added that “the societal role depends on the participation of everyone, and the belief in the importance of upholding human values ​​and solidarity in support of the vulnerable. Each of us has a role and we can make a positive impact.

Pointing out that the UAE is the homeland of goodness, and humanitarian work in this good country transcends borders and obstacles, and presents the community with human values ​​that our Arab region desperately needs.

To achieve the desired goal, YouTuber Hassan Suleiman “Abu Fella” imprisoned himself in a glass room in the center of Dubai, specifically in the “Burj Plaza” area in the vicinity of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made building in the world, and pledged himself and his followers not to leave it until the required amount of 10 was completed. Millions of dollars, to broadcast from there the content of the initiative on his YouTube channel, in a live broadcast for 268 continuous hours, to encourage contributors from everywhere in the world to support refugees and the needy in the Arab world and Africa to overcome the harsh conditions of the winter season, and restore warmth to their tents and whereabouts and gather them.

Throughout the campaign, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made building in the world, celebrated the giving and contributions of donors, with every million the sentence successfully collected to support refugees and the needy in the Arab world and Africa to weather the harsh conditions of winter.

The initiative managed to break a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous live broadcast (video).

The live broadcast, which was presented by "Abu Fella", lasted 268 hours, 14 minutes and 20 seconds, and ended on Tuesday night, the day before yesterday, exceeding the previous record recorded for a live broadcast that took place in China during the period between December 16 and 27, 2020, and lasted for 259 hours, 46 minutes and 45 seconds. .

The broadcast also set a new record for the largest number of direct views in one moment for a humanitarian campaign via “YouTube”, which amounted to 698,000 direct viewers, which indicates the high level of interaction with the “Let’s make their winter warmer” initiative with its lofty humanitarian goals, especially since the average viewing period for each One person was four minutes, which is more than the general average of video views on social media, and the total watch time for all viewers exceeded the 1.6 million hour mark.

Great global response

The campaign "Let's make their winter warmer" received a wide regional and global welcome, as the number of donors reached more than 155,000 donors, and many international media praised it, which praised the role of the United Arab Emirates and its efforts in humanitarian and charitable work until it became the capital of humanity and the energy of hope from which every poor draws. and needy.

The campaign received a wide interaction from celebrities and influencers and a great contribution by Arab and international societies and institutions, and with the support of citizens and residents in the United Arab Emirates, which confirms that the UAE is a country of goodness and giving and its wise leadership is a unique model of global humanitarian giving, as its people confirmed by their rapid interaction with the campaign its authentic metal and values The noble one he was raised on.

• The campaign will contribute to bringing warmth to the hearts of more than 110 thousand families facing the cold of winter.

• 3.8 million refugees in the region suffer from the cold winter, storms and continuous rains.

• 268 continuous hours broadcast by YouTuber Hassan Suleiman "Abu Fella" to encourage contributors from all over the world, and entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest continuous live broadcast in the history of "YouTube".

• 12 continuous days, during which YouTuber Hassan Suleiman “Abu Fella” locked himself in a glass room in the center of Dubai, until he collected the required amount for the benefit of the most needy families in the region.

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