China News Service, January 20. According to the news of the "Europe Times" Central and Eastern European version of the WeChat public account "Weicheng", on January 14, local time, the president of the Austrian Chinese Association (Aohua Association) Hu Yongsai organized the participants. Activities were carried out in Semmering Snow Field, Vienna City Park and Vienna Forest of Kallen Mountain respectively.

Image source: Central and Eastern Europe edition of "Europe Times"

  In an interview with the European Times, Hu Yongsai said that disseminating knowledge of the Winter Olympics, advocating everyone to actively participate in ice and snow sports, and helping the Beijing Winter Olympics is the original intention of the Aohua Association to hold this event.

The Olympic Games is not only a stage for athletes to pursue higher, faster, stronger and more united, but also a platform for people from all countries to strengthen understanding and friendship.

As overseas Chinese, we must tell Chinese stories well and spread Chinese voices well.

Hu Yongsai blessed: "Beijing Winter Olympics, the world is closely connected. May the Chinese athletes come back with great achievements and make great achievements. I wish the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success and the prosperity of the motherland."

  Wang Biguang, overseas consultant of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said in an interview with the European Times: Although the current global epidemic situation is still severe, I believe that the Chinese government and the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held successfully against all odds, just like the Summer Olympics held in Beijing in 2008. Once again present a wonderful and excellent Olympic Games for the people of the world.

The promise of ice and snow, the invitation of China, the overseas Chinese and their relatives in the motherland will always be heart-to-heart.

  Dr. Chen Anshen, overseas member of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, also participated in the event, wishing that the Sino-Austrian friendship will spread over the earth like snow and moisten all things.

Bless the motherland, bless the Chinese athletes, and the dream of the Winter Olympics will come true.

  Aohua Association members actively participated in this cohesive activity and sent their best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  In front of the statue of the Austrian composer Johann Strauss in Vienna City Park, the president of the Aohua Association and member representatives took a group photo with everyone, wishing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success and looking forward to the future together.

(Chen Xi)