United States: a year after his election, Joe Biden is trying to revive himself in the face of the press

US President Joe Biden gives a press conference, a year after arriving at the White House.

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On the eve of the first anniversary of his inauguration, and as the difficulties pile up, Joe Biden will lend himself to an exercise he rarely practices: that of the press conference.


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From our correspondent in Washington


Guillaume Naudin

Joe Biden knows it, he must try to regain control.

On the 365th day of his presidency, clouds are gathering over the White House.

The coronavirus epidemic, which he had promised to control, claimed 850,000 lives.

The country he promised to unify is still fractured and the president himself has changed his tone by vigorously attacking Republicans for several days.

Reforms blocked

The American prestige that he had promised to restore does not seem to impress the allies of the United States and even less the Russian and Chinese rivals who openly challenge him.

Inflation at its highest for forty years worries his fellow citizens and major reforms such as his social and climate plan or the defense of the right to vote are blocked by members of his own majority.

The presidency is not over

Democratic voters are doubtful, the polls are bad, and the midterm elections in 10 months promise to be tough.

In front of journalists, whom the White House sometimes finds unfair in their treatment, Joe Biden will try to highlight what he thinks has worked: the economic recovery, salary increases, the infrastructure plan, or vaccination, of foundations on which he can build and above all, convince that his presidency is not over after one year. 

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