In details .. New amendments to the service of permits for "visitor parking for villa areas" in Abu Dhabi

The Integrated Transport Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport, announced the start of implementing new amendments to the mechanism for issuing vehicle parking permits for visitors to sectors classified as "residential villa areas", making the use of these parking spaces more easy, comfortable and appropriate to the needs of residents and their visitors. 

And in accordance with the new procedures, which are applied in (77) sectors across the cities of the emirate, the center confirmed that vehicles of visitors to residential villa areas, used for parking properly before 2:00 in the morning, will not be violated, while if they want to stay after 2:00, they will not be violated. In the morning, obtain a parking permit for a visiting vehicle by sending a text message to each vehicle separately. 

The center has also modified its systems to allow citizen customers to enter additional visitor service numbers to the “Mawaqif” system to include all residents of the villa and to enhance the provision of the feature of sending visitor permit requests to a larger number of villa residents and not be limited to one number, and use them while sending SMS messages to issue Daily permits for visitor vehicles, enabling everyone to obtain daily permits for visitors after 2:00 in the morning. The villa owner or the tenant can add their phone numbers to the Mawaqif system by contacting the Service Support Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport on the toll-free number 800850, or by sending a text message to the number 3009 in the following format: (<Add>space <phone number> space> number sector<), eg Add 050123456 (E10)).

The center clarified that if visitors are received before 2:00 in the morning, there is no need to take any action by the resident, provided that the vehicle has been stopped regularly. In the event that visitors stay beyond 2:00 am, the resident must send a text message regarding each vehicle separately from any of the numbers registered in the "Mawaqif" system to issue a daily permit for the visitor's vehicle.

Residents of villas can obtain permits for visitor vehicles according to two cases, the first is the “events permit”, where the request is submitted via the phone number registered in the system by communicating with the call center in order to approve the required permit period. As for the second case, it is a “visitor permit” in which the request is submitted by the holder of the villa permit via the phone number registered in the system in the following format, (<city code and vehicle class <space <vehicle number> space <sector number> space <number of hours>), For example: (6 AUH4 22278 E21), with the maximum validity of the permit being six hours from the date of sending the request from 2 am to 8 am.

The center provides this service free of charge if the tenant or owner of the villa is a citizen, while the parking permit fees for non-citizen visitors are calculated according to the system tariff for sub-parking, which is two dirhams per hour. A fee is charged for each text message sent according to the service provider's tariffs. The same terms and conditions apply to villa visitors' permits under the "Mawaqif" system, including Fridays and public holidays.

In the event that parking spaces in the villa areas are used by unknown vehicles, or in a way that leads to obstructing traffic and pedestrians, or closing the entrances and exits of the villas, the center calls on residents to contact the Service Support Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport on the toll-free number 800850 to take the necessary measures.

They stressed to Markaz the importance of the public parking management system in the residential villa areas, adding that the service of parking permits for visitors to those areas is very popular with the community.

The center announced that the number of requests for parking permits for visitors to residential villas during the past year amounted to 871,132 permits, distributed among 77 sectors covered by the system of parking areas for residential villas, including 65 sectors in Abu Dhabi and 12 sectors in the city of Al Ain. 

The Center explained that the parking management system in villa areas has had many positive repercussions on traffic, community, service and environmental sectors. Random parking and reducing traffic congestion in the villa areas, in addition to ensuring the flow of traffic in those areas and not obstructing the movement of pedestrians and vehicles and preventing the abandonment of neglected vehicles in the villa areas, in addition to enhancing the security and safety of the community and reducing random housing in the villa areas, which results in crowding Residents of villas in their car parking. 

The center called on vehicle owners to abide by the laws of the public parking management system (mawaqif) at all times, and not to park vehicles randomly or park in prohibited places, stressing the need to always park the vehicle correctly in the designated parking spaces.

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