In some schools there are curators who have special areas such as sugar dating or grooming and in this way the students get more information about the subject and in other schools the subject is involved in other subjects. 

Katarina Hart is head of the department for central student health in Västerås and is responsible for the curators from preschool class to year nine.  

- We hope that the students get enough information about how to behave on the internet and where to seek help and support.

The curatorial group has an important role.

We try to work to promote and prevent and strengthen students' self-esteem and trust, she says.

"It's awful if it happens"

She does not know that a student in Västerås was picked up during school hours by a sugar daddy or sugar mom. 

- That they have been picked up during school hours is not something I know or have received signals about.

It's awful if it happens, says Katarina Hart. 

However, Hart believes that it is always possible to improve the information students receive and work more preventively. 

- I can imagine that it is a development area to lift what is happening online.

If it turns out that we need to develop this, we will of course do it, she says.

In the clip above, Katarina Hart tells how information the students get about sugar dating.