The decision on the request for the release of the former Minister of the Interior, Claude Guéant, convicted in the case of the cash bonuses of the Ministry of the Interior, was put under deliberation on February 7, announced a source close to the file, this Wednesday, and confirmed the Paris prosecutor's office.

Claude Guéant, 77, was imprisoned on December 13 in the prison of Health, the justice having considered that he did not settle in time the sums he had been ordered to pay in the case of cash bonuses of the Ministry of the Interior.

His debt “fully paid”

A few days after his imprisonment, the ex-right arm of Nicolas Sarkozy had made a request for adjustment of sentence for his release in December. This request was examined Wednesday morning by a sentence enforcement judge. The former senior state clerk has "completely paid" his debt "for a month" via loans granted by his relatives and his "health situation (can only) deteriorate, in view of the triple pathology" of which he is suffering, his lawyer Me Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi explained on Friday. On Wednesday, the prosecution issued a favorable opinion on the requests made, he said.

The former "cardinal" was sentenced on January 23, 2017 on appeal to two years' imprisonment, including one year suspended probation and a fine of 75,000 euros, a sentence which became final with the rejection of his appeal in cassation in 2019. He had also been ordered to pay, jointly with four other defendants, 210,000 euros in damages to the State.

Until December, he was serving that sentence on parole.

The decision in the polls case known on Friday

At the beginning of November, however, the Paris Court of Appeal revoked part of his reprieve (3 months) and his conditional release (6 months), finding that Claude Guéant was not making the necessary payments to pay the fine and damages. and interests.

Claude Guéant will also know on Friday the decision of the Paris Criminal Court in another case, that known as the Elysée polls.

During the trial in October and November, the national financial prosecutor's office demanded a year's imprisonment, as well as a fine of 10,000 euros, for favoritism and negligent embezzlement of public funds.


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Elysée polls: Firm prison required against Claude Guéant, decision expected on January 21

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