The large spread of infection means that the pressure on self-sampling for covid-19 is strong in Västmanland.  

From week three, there is now another sampling bus in Västerås, located on Lögarängen, with approximately 250 sampling times per day.

At the same time, there are also boxes on display in five places in the county where residents can pick up sampling kits themselves. 

However, they are fast and the response times are long.

Between 48 and 84 hours.   

The problem is that the laboratory in Solna, where Region Västmanland sends its own samples, has reached its maximum capacity and has been forced to limit the number of analyzes to 3,000 per day. 

Hoping for new messages this week

In the video, assistant infection control physician Daniel Heimer explains how to now prioritize which samples are analyzed and that the situation affects infection tracing.

During the week, Västmanland is expected to be assigned a further small number of analyzes on the lab, but more would be needed.

And the sooner the better, according to Heimer. 

- We will see if the Public Health Agency, which procures the lab, comes with new information this week, alternatives new recommendations regarding testing and infection tracking.