In the context of a lasting Covid-19 health crisis, three cars from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) were set on fire in Limoges (Haute-Vienne) and a fourth was damaged by the flames overnight. from Monday to Tuesday, we learned from the police, confirming information from France Bleu Limousin. 

Two separate fires were started and affected vehicles which were just in front of the headquarters of the ARS, which leaves only “little doubt” on the voluntary origin of the fire, according to the same source.

The entrance to the building and part of the facade were blackened by smoke.

The “antivax” track to explore

The parking lot was closed “but easy to access”.

No tag or message of claim was found on the spot but according to this police source, "the antivax or anti-pass movement is a track to explore".

“This is the first time that such an action has taken place in Haute-Vienne.

Until now, we had to deal with very classic street demonstrations.

For example, no violence had been committed against pharmacies which carry out the tests as in other regions, “said the same source.

The case was entrusted to the judicial police of Limoges.


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