This is stated on the page of the lower house of parliament in VKontakte.

Citizens with two or more children have the right not to pay personal income tax when selling an apartment to improve living conditions.

At the same time, new housing must be purchased in the year of sale of the previous one or no later than April 30 of the next year.

Also, pensioners have the right not to pay property tax.

The exemption is granted for one object of each type of real estate, for example, an apartment, a house and a garage at the same time.

Families with many children, pensioners, disabled people of the first and second groups, as well as families with disabled children may not pay land tax for six acres.

Earlier, Vechernyaya Moskva reported that the social spending of the Moscow budget will amount to about 2 trillion rubles in 2022.

Financing will be received, including the healthcare system, education infrastructure, culture and sports.

Thus, the Moscow authorities will allocate 604.8 billion rubles to finance the Social Support for Moscow Residents program. 

832.4 billion rubles will be allocated to the Capital Healthcare state program, 466.5 billion to finance the Capital Education, about 70 billion to finance the Sports of Moscow, and over 100 billion to the Development of the Cultural and Tourist Environment and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. billion rubles.