(Walking to the grassroots level in the Spring Festival) Taiwanese compatriots who are employed and start-up in Rong choose the first batch of housing units: they can develop more stably in Fuzhou

  China News Service, Fuzhou, January 18 (Reporter Yan Xu) After visiting the first batch of rental housing for Taiwan compatriots in Rong Employment and Entrepreneurship located in the third phase of Poly Champagne International Community, Jin'an District, Fuzhou City in advance, Chen Zhengqiang, a Taiwanese professor at Fujian Institute of Technology I already have the desired floor and apartment type, and I came to the selection site early on the 18th.

  "Before I and a lot of Taiwanese compatriots in Fuzhou came to see the types of houses. We all live here, we can concentrate on educational resources, and we can communicate with each other in life." Chen Zhengqiang said, "Everyone can develop more stably in Fuzhou."

The picture shows Chen Yanting (left) and Xiaoya checking the appliances and equipment in the kitchen in the selected room.

Photo by Lu Ming

  In 2021, the General Office of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government issued the "Implementation Plan on Housing Security for Taiwan Compatriots Employing and Entrepreneurship in Rong (Trial)", which pointed out that Taiwan compatriots who meet the relevant conditions for employment and entrepreneurship in Rong can apply for affordable housing, and at the same time, according to Fuzhou City. According to the relevant provisions of the public rental housing security policy, they can also enjoy a 30% discount on the rental standard and market sales price.

The picture shows Taiwan compatriots going through relevant procedures at the selection site.

Photo by Lu Ming

  From November 15 to December 15, 2021, Fuzhou City will accept the qualifications for public rental housing guarantee objects for Taiwan compatriots who work and start businesses in Rong according to relevant regulations.

The application conditions include having a stable job in Gulou, Taijiang, Cangshan, Jin'an and university towns (including high-tech zones) in Fuzhou, signing a labor contract of more than one year with the enterprises and institutions they serve, or starting their own business in the above-mentioned areas. , is the legal representative of the enterprise or the person in charge of the individual industrial and commercial household; has obtained a residence permit for Taiwan residents in Fuzhou (within the validity period); I, my spouse, and minor children live in the four urban areas of Gulou, Taijiang, Cangshan, Jin'an and other cities in Fuzhou. There is no self-owned housing in the university town (including the high-tech zone).

The picture shows Taiwan compatriots going through relevant procedures at the selection site.

Photo by Lu Ming

  After receiving the information, Chen Zhengqiang submitted the application materials as soon as possible.

"The convenience here includes nearby business districts and schools, with complete facilities, very similar to the communities in Taiwan, especially in Jin'an District, where there are many 'three innovations (referring to entrepreneurship, innovation and creation) parks', and the ecological environment is also more suitable for living... ..." Chen Zhengqiang detailed to the reporter of China News Agency the "elements" that attracted him by the allocation of rental housing.

  According to Huang Haisen, Director of the Economic Division of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, the first batch of applications for housing listings totaled 550 units. According to the regulations, one-person households will be allocated a 45-square-meter apartment, and a 2-person household will be allocated a rent of 55 square meters. Rice type, 65 square meters for 3 or more households.

There are 53 households in the first batch of applicants, including 32 households with one person, 9 households with two persons, and 12 households with three persons.

The picture shows Taiwan compatriots choosing rooms in order on the spot.

Photo by Lu Ming

  "Select a house today, pick up the keys for acceptance on the 20th, and you should be able to move in before the Spring Festival." Chen Zhengqiang stayed in Fuzhou for the Spring Festival this year, and will soon become neighbors with many familiar friends and colleagues. "Everyone plans to spend a warm and lively together. During the Spring Festival, visit each other, communicate with each other, pay New Year's greetings, and experience the Spring Festival in Rongcheng full of blessing culture."

  Chen Yanting, a Taiwanese girl who came to Fuzhou to start a business in 2018, applied for a 55-square-meter apartment together with her partner Xiaoya. That day was the first room selection.

"When we signed up, we were the last to sign up. I didn't expect to get No. 1 when the sequence number was drawn. There will be good luck in the new year." Chen Yanting was overjoyed.

The picture shows a video of Chen Yanting and her mother in Taiwan, informing the results of the house selection.

Photo by Lu Ming

  After first selecting the room on the spot, signing the "Housing Rental Contract for Taiwan Compatriots in Fuzhou, Employment and Entrepreneurship in Rong", paying the rental deposit and the first month's rent, etc., Chen Yanting and Xiaoya immediately came to the selected room. , took out the tape measure that was prepared long ago, began to measure the kitchen and living room area, and discussed what size refrigerator and sofa to buy.

  Not only that, but the two girls couldn't wait to share the joy with their families in Taiwan via video calls.

"The house has been selected. The environment and location are very good, the transportation is convenient, and the rent is very cheap." Chen Yanting smiled and said to her mother, "Are you very relieved now?"

  Chen Yanting and Xiaoya plan to spend New Year's Eve and the first day of the first year with the parents of the Taekwondo gym, and then return to Taiwan to accompany their families on the third day of the third year, and then return to Fuzhou to "move a new home".

  "This is the best New Year's gift!" Chen Yanting told reporters.