[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Several Taiwanese businessmen, including Lin Huai, chairman of the Changsha Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association, were accused of holding a dinner party to help the Kuomintang candidate and former Kaohsiung mayor Han Han during the 2020 Taiwan "election". They were arrested on the 17th. Sentencing.

Han Guoyu said on the same day that the campaign did not provide any funds to his campaign headquarters that year.

  Taiwan's United News Network said on the 17th that the case involved 7 people and no one pleaded guilty. The collegial panel sentenced He Jianhua, chairman of the "Chinese Women's Federation" and party member of the "China Unification Promotion Party", and Tong Jianhua, vice chairman of the Changsha Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association. Both are innocent.

The remaining 5 people, including Lin Huai, president of the Changsha Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprise Association, were sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison and deprived of public power for 4 years; Shen Bin, deputy secretary-general of the "All-China Women's Federation", was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months, deprived of public power for 2 years. ; Jiang Mingxia, president of the "New Family Association on both sides of the Taiwan Strait", was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison and deprived of public power for 2 years; Zhang Guojun, chairman of the Hunan Shaoyang Travel and Taiwan Association, was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months, deprived of public power for 2 years; Taishangzhuang Huan Zhang was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison and deprived of public power for 2 years.

The case is appealable.

  It is understood that the case has been controversial on the island since it was first prosecuted in May 2020, and some public opinion believes that the DPP used political weapons to suppress its opponents.

According to this judgment, the prosecution claimed that on December 21, 2019, Lian Shangming, a member of the Changsha Taiwan Association (already wanted), accepted mainland funding to hold the "Hunan Province Taiwan Compatriots Returning Hometown Mobilization Voting Conference" in Changsha City. 560 Taiwanese businessmen were entertained for 1,600 yuan, and Korean Yu's campaign slogan was hung on the stage of the dinner party.

In this regard, Lin Huai previously denied the crime, saying that the dinner party is a year-end gathering of Taiwanese businessmen held every year, and the expenses are shared by everyone.

According to Taiwan's "Dongsen News Cloud" report, the All-China Taiwan Enterprise Federation also stated at the time that it strongly urged those in power in Taiwan not to fight against democracy under the banner of democracy, engage in "green terror", and not to overextend the spontaneous networking activities of Taiwanese businessmen. The political associations and interpretations of this make the majority of Taiwanese businessmen feel the fear of being settled after the autumn.

  Taiwan's "Economic Daily" reported on the 17th that Korea Yu's office issued a press release on the same day, saying that Korea Yu was unaware of the content of the banquet, so it was impossible to comment on the verdict.

The Korea Office stated that the event did not provide any funds to Han Kuo Yu’s campaign headquarters, but related reports used headlines such as “funding Han Kuo Yu” to insinuate and insult Han Kuo Yu.

Hanban specifically mentioned that the "fake communist espionage case" of the island's judicial unit against Australia's Wang Liqiang caused Xiang Xin, chairman of China Innovation Investment Corporation, to be accused of violating the "National Security Law", and finally refused to prosecute due to insufficient evidence. During the 2020 presidential election campaign, smearing Han Guoyu in a suggestive way was extremely harmful, but now the judicial unit still owes the public an explanation.

  After the verdict was released, He Jianhua, who was acquitted, stressed that he did not commit a crime, but he was brought to justice for bribery repeatedly, and angrily accused the prosecutor that he was targeting her because of "hatred" and "anti-China".

Zhang Qilu, a "legislator" of the People's Party, appealed not to only deal with the blue and not the green, but to investigate all the cases, and not to choose cases.

Some netizens questioned, "Is it considered bribery to use railway resources to let people return to their hometowns to vote?" "The DPP's fund-raising dinner can pass through without hindrance, and it's fine to change the name."

(Cheng Dong)