According to Likhachev, when dividing the powers to manage the Northern Sea Route, the administration of the NSR was assigned to the Ministry of Transport of Russia, which issues permits for the passage of ships along this route.

The head of the state corporation emphasized that “on the Northern Sea Route it is necessary to work in a “one stop shop”.

“That is, the ship has entered - you need to understand exactly how reliable it is in terms of technical ice characteristics,” the Prime agency quotes Likhachev as saying.

He also added that when controlling the movement of ships, “at any time of the day or night in real time, you need to understand its location and plans, and problems, if any.”

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on other states to actively use the possibilities of the Northern Sea Route to increase trade operations with Europe.

In October 2021, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the state corporation Rosatom prepared a project for regular transportation along the Northern Sea Route.