I wonder what is unnecessary and urgent January 18, 18:37

Also ...

Rapid spread of Omicron strain.

Many stores are closed or closed.

Due to the influence of the new corona, music stores, so to speak, "sacred places" are disappearing in movie theaters.

The four characters "unnecessary and unurgent" are often heard during the spread of infection.

I wonder if it's unnecessary and urgent.

Let's think about it while looking back on the history so far.

(Nara Broadcasting Station Yuko Oikawa Network News Department Akiko Shimizu Soraya Sugimoto)

"Sanctuary" disappears

"I'm sorry I didn't go"

"This chest pain I learned from losing you ..."

"Symbol of the end of culture"

January 11th.

These words are lined up on SNS.

I was informed that the movie theater "Iwanami Hall" in Jimbocho, Tokyo will be closed in July.

Iwanami Hall, a famous movie theater known as one of the pioneers of the mini theater.

When it opened as a multi-purpose hall in 1968, it developed the activities of "Equip de Cinema", which discovers and screens masterpiece movies buried in the world.

We have screened 271 films from 65 countries and regions by independently selecting works that are not handled by major distributors.

However, the business environment changed drastically due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

It is said that it was decided to end the curtain of 1954 on July 29, this year because it became difficult to operate.

Just the same day.

This time, a tremor struck music fans.

"Rock in Shinjuku," which is said to be the "sacred place" of guitarists and drummers, announced the end of business.

It is one of the large stores operated by "Yamano Music Co., Ltd.", a long-established music specialty store celebrating its 130th anniversary this year.

Opened in 1997.

With four specialized floors and more than 1,500 guitars and basses at all times, it has been loved by many music lovers.

Due to repeated emergency declarations, the number of people has decreased, so we have been operating while gradually reducing the scale.

However, as the epidemic continued, Yamano Music Co., Ltd. decided to close the store on March 13.

There are no plans to relocate or renew in the future.

A spokeswoman for Yamano Music Co. , Ltd.

"The demand for drums and electric guitars has been sluggish due to a series of restrictions on club activities and the closing of live houses, and the demand for drums and electric guitars has been sluggish. It's a shame for us to make this decision because the store was loved by many customers. "

Music is a “lifeline”

"There must be a desperate effort behind what is holding up. There is a disaster that cannot be helped by effort alone. Beloved, survive."

Ryuichi Sato (69), who has been active as a singer-songwriter for 50 years, tweeted when he learned of the plans to close the two locations.

It is said that he visited when the Iwanami Hall was built and often bought guitar strings and harmonica at Shinjuku Rock Inn.

Mr. Sato himself was severely restricted by the corona disaster, and half of the planned live was canceled.

I also witnessed the closure of a live house.

Ryuichi Sato

"I think that something that is not" unnecessary and unurgent "is a" lifeline. "Then, if music is a" lifeline, "it has something to do with the meaning of life for someone. That's right for me. "

Unnecessary urgent history


and unurgent" This word that I have heard repeatedly because of the corona.

The word "unnecessary urgent" first appeared in NHK news on January 23, 2020 as a government call in connection with the new coronavirus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Japanese people who are staying or planning to stay in China to stop unnecessary and unurgent travel to Wuhan.

After that, when the infection spreads in Japan, the top of the local government will start calling for "unnecessary and unurgent" refraining from going out.

This graph shows the result of analyzing the number of posts on SNS for "unnecessary and unurgent".

The most widespread was the weekend of the last week of March, when Governor Koike of Tokyo and Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture called for "refraining from going out unnecessarily."

The number of posts about "unnecessary urgent" exceeded 40,000 a day.

April 7, 2020, when the first state of emergency was declared.

The definition of "unnecessary urgent" was also discussed in the Diet.

Former Prime Minister Abe

"It means unnecessary and urgent, but I would like you to refrain from doing anything that might be possible even if you stop the activity today." ( House of Representatives / House Steering Committee)

Is unnecessary urgent an individual decision?

After that, the word "unnecessary and unurgent" became a hot topic so as to overlap with the transition of the number of infected people.

Last year's big mountain was August 9th.

It was the day after the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

There were many posts criticizing the IOC President Bach's strolling in Ginza as "unnecessary and unurgent."

The minister in charge of this was ...

Marukawa, Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (at that time)

"First of all, I think it is important that you spend 14 days firmly in the epidemic prevention measures. In addition, whether it is unnecessary and urgent is also this. It is up to the individual to make a firm decision. "(August 10th, post-Cabinet press conference)

"Unnecessary urgent matters can be decided by individuals." Such an opinion was conspicuous on the Internet.

Judgment as to whether it is unnecessary or necessary is also in the "policy" setting

But in reality, not everything is an individual decision.

What is needed even during the spread of infection and what is not.

In some cases, the content is delineated by the government.

For example, the state mentions in its "Basic Response Policy" businesses that are required to continue their business even under a state of emergency.

As well as medical personnel, as "related businesses that provide essential services to lead the minimum necessary life", infrastructure-related businesses, garbage collection and disposal, ceremonial occasion businesses, etc. should continue their business. ".

On the other hand, in order to prevent the spread of infection, each prefectural governor is stipulated by law that "the use of facilities used by multiple people can be restricted."

The reality is that the government will delineate whether or not you can continue to work in Corona.

The target of leave request also changes

The targets that are restricted also change over time.

For example, in the case of Tokyo.

Two years ago, when the state of emergency was declared for the first time in Japan, "requests for leave" were issued in various places.

Targets are large commercial facilities such as department stores (other than the daily necessities section), theaters, universities, etc.

We requested restaurants such as izakaya to shorten their business hours by 8:00 pm.

About a year later.

Restaurants such as izakaya that serve alcohol have been added to the "Request for leave of absence".

Universities and theaters were excluded, but the mitigation was not smooth.

In the measures announced by the city about two weeks ago, the theater was subject to the "request to hold an unattended audience."

However, there were voices such as "It is actually closed for non-audience," so we allowed a certain number of customers to enter and relaxed the measures.

The administration on the side of deciding "necessary or unnecessary"

feels like a groping.

"Omicron" expansion again limited

This year, the number of local governments to which "priority measures such as spread prevention" are applied is increasing due to the rapid spread of Omicron strains.

However, evaluations of priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread are also divided by local governments.

Click here for a video summarizing the transition of the state of emergency.

For example, Nara Prefecture, where I (Oikawa) currently lives, is consistently in a negative position, saying that restrictions on restaurants have a great impact on the economy but their effectiveness as an infection control measure is unclear.

In Nara Prefecture, the state of emergency has not been applied since the state of emergency issued to 47 prefectures nationwide two years ago.

Businesses nationwide have accepted different responses for each municipality for the past two years.

"What is said to be unnecessary"

Meanwhile, an advertisement became a hot topic.

This is

a corporate message issued by the department store "Seibu Sogo" on New Year's Day.

"The time to satisfy my feelings is unnecessary. It's called urgent, and I worked on the minimum necessary life for two years. Last year, the department store was normally open for a few days, but even so, everybody can enjoy their lives to the fullest. I've believed that

While the life of Corona is two years, he continues to want to welcome customers.

On the internet, on the other hand, there

were sympathetic voices saying,

"Even if it is not necessary to live, there are many things that are necessary for the vitality to live ."

Seibu Sogo Person in charge

"What department stores offer may not be indispensable for living, but I am proud to propose something that enriches the hearts and lives of our customers. I expressed in a copy the desire to pursue while moving forward step by step. The same daily life as before Corona may not come back, but what I need and what I need to satisfy my heart. With a positive message that we will take the experience and move toward a new bright future. "

It may be a "necessary urgent need" for someone

Now, the rapid spread of Omicron strains is continuing.

Of course, infection control is important, and it is best to avoid risks such as washing hands, disinfecting hands, wearing a mask properly, not going to crowds, and ventilating.

But what is "unnecessary and urgent" for me may be "necessary urgent" for someone.

I would like to remember to thank and consider the businesses that have received various requests so that nothing remains after the corona has converged.