China News Service, January 18 (Xinhua) According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the 18th local time, Dominic Cummings, former chief adviser to British Prime Minister Johnson, said that during the blockade of the new crown epidemic, about the opening of 10 Downing Street Johnson lied to Parliament about the party, which he already knew was a drinking party.

Johnson had previously said he thought it was a work-in-progress event.

File:British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  According to reports, Dominic Cummings said on social media that British Prime Minister Johnson "knows he is attending a cocktail party".

  He said it showed "the prime minister was lying to parliament about his party".

Cummings said he had also alerted the Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary that the "bring your own drink" party invitations he sent to colleagues via email violated the rules.

  Cummings also said that when he briefed Johnson on what had happened, the latter rejected his suggestions to control how things unfolded.

  Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said the prime minister had made it clear that Cummings' claims were "untrue", adding that he had previously "expressed remorse for some of Downing Street's actions," the BBC reported. and an apology was made in the House of Commons."

  However, Labour MP Sarah Jones said the claims were "extraordinary" and accused the government of being in disarray.

  Earlier reports, the British media recently revealed that 10 Downing Street employees, including cabinet members, held multiple gatherings during the UK's first and second lockdowns, violating social distancing measures.

  Johnson, who has faced enormous pressure, has admitted that he attended an event at 10 Downing Street Gardens on May 20, 2020.

Johnson's chief private secretary, Reynolds, sent an email invitation to as many as 100 prime minister's staff, asking them to bring their own alcohol to a "socially distanced cocktail party".

Witnesses said about 30 people attended the meeting.

  Johnson stressed that he had only been there for 25 minutes and said he "had a vague idea that the event was a work event".