Regarding measures against the new corona, Prime Minister Kishida is the Prime Minister's Office, Chairman Shigeru Omi of the government subcommittee, Takaji Wakita, chairman of the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and Okabe of the Kawasaki City Health and Safety Research Institute, a member of the government subcommittee. I met with Director Nobuhiko and others.

Then, after exchanging opinions on how to deal with Omicron strains, Chairman Omi and his colleagues thought that the infectivity of Omicron strains is different from that of conventional strains, and that it is important to take effective measures appropriate for their characteristics at an early stage. I told you.

Shigeru Omi, chairman of the government subcommittee, who met with Prime Minister Kishida on the morning of the 18th, said in an interview with the press after the meeting, "In areas where the infection of Omicron strains is spreading, take appropriate measures for Omicron strains at an early stage. I told the Prime Minister that it was important, and I had a lot of discussions around it. I think the Prime Minister has a similar understanding of this. "

Regarding priority measures such as prevention of spread, which are being considered for expansion of the applicable area, "I did not talk about the specific period or area today, but the Prime Minister has a strong infectivity when looking at the examples of other countries. I mentioned that the infection is relatively suppressed in countries where rational measures have been taken even though the Omicron strain has spread, and it can be used as a reference for Japan. In the same way, there are many places where people are not wearing masks and ventilation is poor. I think it is very important at this time to return to basic infection control and keep the number of people gathering in the same place small. " Said.