There will be one less candidate on the left.

The political council of Arnaud Montebourg acted Monday evening that the campaign of the former Minister of Productive Recovery was going to stop.

The future ex-candidate – whom the polls have only credited with a maximum of 1 to 3% of voting intentions – should announce it himself a video published on social networks “within forty-eight hours”, indicates a source close to the candidate.

Arnaud Montebourg should announce neither rallying to Christiane Taubira, as was once considered, nor to the communist candidate Fabien Roussel.

This is the third time that Arnaud Montebourg has tried his luck in the presidential election.

During the first two attempts, in 2012 and 2017, he had done so through the primaries organized by the Socialist Party, arriving each time in third position in the first round.

Elected PS deputy for Saône-et-Loire when the left returned to power in 1997, he had gradually distanced himself from the party after his resounding departure from the Valls government at the end of the summer of 2014. it is therefore outside the party that he launched himself, with all the difficulties that entails: the lack of troops and the lack of money.

A campaign mocked to the end

From this new failed presidential campaign, we will remember two things above all: first, a slogan, the “Remontada de la France”, which will not cease to be mocked. And then, on the merits, his proposal to block private money transfers to bank accounts located in countries which refuse to take back their nationals subject to an obligation to leave French territory. Only the extreme right had proposed such a measure so far. Arnaud Montebourg then loses part of his troops, who do not find themselves there, and is already thinking, for a time, of putting an end to his campaign.

In December, the former deputy of the left wing of the PS finally acted in half the possible end of his campaign by declaring "to put his candidacy at the disposal of a common project" on the left.

He is then filmed calling the other candidates on the left in order to start discussions for a rapprochement, but the staging is, there too, mocked.

Stalled in the polls, and not retained for the vote of the popular Primary Arnaud Montebourg seemed to find himself in an impasse.

At 57, he apparently drew the conclusions.


"Discussions" in progress on a possible rallying of Montebourg to Taubira


Arnaud Montebourg "offers his candidacy" for "a common project"

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