Al-Sharif warns against actions and words that expect their owners under the law of rumors.. Video

Legal Adviser Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif confirmed that individuals' ignorance of the recently issued anti-rumor and cybercrime law is not an excuse for anyone, or as they say, it is not an excuse or justification for committing an act that is considered a crime and to escape punishment.

Al-Sharif indicated in the second episode of a series of episodes published by "Emirates Today" through its accounts on social media, to introduce the recently issued laws, that "many illegal observers, and through our practice of the legal profession, and the advice we receive from them, it became clear to us that some are indifferent to the actions and words of their expectation." They are subject to the law, and they are unaware, assuming that these actions or words are normal or do not constitute a crime.”

Al-Sharif reviewed the most important terms that were mentioned in this law in a simple way, including what is meant by information technology, which is simply everything related to computers and the computer world, and the website, which is a platform or a virtual place that allows authorized persons to communicate by writing, voice, or audio and image (such as WhatsApp The user is every person or organization who uses or benefits from electronic services. 

And between what is meant by rumors or false data, which is any false information, whether in its entirety or part of it, explicit or hidden, and penetration is illegal entry to view unauthorized data or information, while leaking is the disclosure of data without permission.

He explained that electronic interception means eavesdropping to disrupt a website or platform or to obtain unauthorized data and information, and electronic attacks are penetrating information networks to disable them or reduce their capabilities and functions, and electronic encryption transforms data into an unreadable form except by returning it to its origin or decoding it through The meaning of its elements (meaning what is meant by the letter, number or symbol). 

He cautioned regarding electronic advertising that every advertisement for a person, product or service through an electronic means, and misleading advertisement is every advertisement that contained false information or concealed necessary information, and data processing is storing, transferring, retrieving, modifying and erasing data (such as transferring a file on Flash and making modification or deletion or otherwise on the content of all or part of the file).  

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