Drottning Blanka's upper secondary school in Gothenburg for distance education starting on Wednesday and NTI upper secondary school allows students with symptoms or quarantine to participate by distance learning.

Of the municipal upper secondary schools in Gothenburg, there is so far only one school: IHGR, which had distance learning for a few days last week after a dialogue with the infection control.

Wants to break the chain of infection

At Kreativa gymnasiet in Trollhättan, the almost 180 students have been working at home since last week.  

- It was to break the chain of infection, we have students who are in family quarantine and a lot of staff who need to be at home so it was difficult to conduct the teaching on site, says principal Fredrik Ohnesorge.

On Thursday, the teaching is planned to return to the site again.

- We do not have the right to conduct distance education more than temporarily as it looks now, but in this form it has worked well.

"Relief needed"

A high school may not introduce distance learning on its own initiative but must have a dialogue with infection control in the region first.

Some upper secondary schools in Gothenburg have been in contact with them this week, but have been recommended not to introduce distance.

- If the infection control does not recommend the schools to go over to a distance, we must not make a decision about it.

We always follow their recommendation, says Tomas Berndtsson, director of the education administration in Gothenburg.

He would have gladly put a relief in the approach.

- I think it would be good with some relief for us in the administration to make decisions.

Since teachers and students are ill, but not always so that you can not share in the activities, it would have been preferable to have a relief in making decisions about distance.