Sudanese political forces called for civil disobedience today, Tuesday, after the killing of 7 and wounding 100 others during the police dispersal. Demonstrations are of a peaceful nature.

The Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change called on the Sudanese to engage in comprehensive civil disobedience for a period of two days, starting today, Tuesday.

The statement of the Central Council indicated that what it described as the coup authority "has committed massacres against the defenseless people, who came out asking for their freedom and dignity, and were met with showers of bullets, anti-aircraft guns and all forms of violence."

The statement stressed that the period of disobedience would be an opportunity to gather and unify the revolutionary forces and prepare them to fight the decisive battle to overthrow the coup authority, as described in the statement.

The Sudanese Professionals Association said that the military council forces committed a massacre against the people, and called on the demonstrators to escalate the revolution and close the streets.

In a statement, the resistance committees also called for the complete closure of Khartoum, the erection of barricades everywhere and the organization of protests in the cities of Khartoum and Omdurman. On January 18 and 19.

Today’s massacre is the end of the coup authority.. the souls of those who are more generous than us have risen to dwell with their Creator today, and we who remained on this earth will continue their path until we reach the goals for which they came out.. +

— Khalid Omer Yousif (@KHOYousif) January 17, 2022

strike and disobedience

The union body of the University of Khartoum (governmental) professors announced a two-day civil disobedience, starting today, Tuesday, and the Sudanese Journalists Network (non-governmental) made an urgent appeal to all organizations working in the field of human rights internationally and regionally, for an international campaign of solidarity to stop the crimes of the authorities against human beings peanuts.

The network added that "the time has come for a comprehensive strike, civil disobedience and tetras (closure) to tie the hand of the enemy."

The calls to escalate protests and civil disobedience came after the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors stated that 7 people were killed and about 100 wounded during the police dispersal of a demonstration in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Khartoum.

Al-Jazeera correspondent said that 10 people were injured by the police firing tear gas and sound bombs at the demonstrators in Khartoum North. He also reported that protesters against the army's measures closed the 40th Street in the Omdurman area.

Reuters said that security forces fired tear gas canisters while preventing thousands of protesters from advancing towards the presidential palace, and several wounded civilians were seen bleeding profusely in the street.

Paramedics told Reuters that many of the wounded were treated in Khartoum hospitals.

Sudanese security fired tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the demonstrators, causing many injuries (Anadolu Agency)

In addition to Khartoum, demonstrations took place in Omdurman, northwest of Khartoum, in Madani, the capital of Gezira state, and in El Obeid, the capital of North Kordofan state, 350 km west of the capital.

The Sudanese Doctors Committee (non-governmental) stated that with the deaths of 7 people in Monday’s demonstrations, the total number of people killed in the protests calling for the return of government has risen to 71 since last October 25, after the army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, announced the imposition of a state of emergency and the dissolution of the Sovereignty Councils and the Transitional Ministers. This is what political forces consider a military coup, in contrast to the army's denial.

The exceptional measures taken by Al-Burhan ended the power-sharing arrangements between the civilian and military components, which began after the fall of President Omar al-Bashir in a popular uprising in 2019.

new resolutions

On the other hand, a statement of the Security and Defense Council in Sudan headed by Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, head of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the army, said that the council ordered an investigation into what it described as violent incidents and a departure from the peacefulness that accompanied the demonstrations, and to hold those involved accountable in accordance with the emergency law and the criminal law.

The council commended the security services' handling of the demonstrations, saying that they exercised restraint and protected civilians.

The council also decided to establish a special force to combat terrorism to confront potential threats and release suspects who were not found guilty of involvement in terrorist acts, according to the statement's description.

The Council also directed the forces of armed struggle movements to gather outside Khartoum and the main cities in the assembly areas for the purpose of enforcing security arrangements.

In international reactions, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Washington is concerned about reports of an escalation of violence against protesters in Sudan.

Price added that "Molly V", Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs and Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, David Satterfield, will travel to Khartoum and renew Washington's call for security forces to end violence and respect freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as he put it.

The UK Minister for African Affairs Vicki Ford expressed her shock at the actions of the Sudanese security forces in responding to the peaceful protests with live ammunition.

The British official's statement came in a tweet published yesterday, Monday, on her Twitter account.

Monday's events come at a time when UN, American and African diplomatic efforts are continuing to bridge the gap between the opposition political forces and the military holding power in Sudan. More than a week ago, the United Nations launched an initiative to launch political consultations with all forces to end the current political crisis.