The police in Region South confirmed on Friday evening that a drone was seen near the nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn.

However, it was unclear whether the object flew over the protected object or nearby.

A drone had also been aimed at the Forsmark nuclear power plant.

Säpo took over

On Monday, the Security Police, Säpo, stated that they had taken over the preliminary investigation.

The criminal classification is suspicion of gross unauthorized employment with secret information, according to the authority.

And on Tuesday, the police announced that they will also deploy camera surveillance in connection with the nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn.

- It is due to recent events, says Filip Annas, police spokesperson for SVT Nyheter Småland.

Ongoing for just over a week

The police do not want to go into how the surveillance will take place, other than that it will last for just over a week, starting on Tuesday.

- Unfortunately, I have no details other than that there will be camera surveillance there at and around the nuclear power plant.

But exactly how it will happen is not something I can go into, says Filip Annas.

Have you received indications of more drone flights at the nuclear power plant?

- Not that has come to my attention.