Amidst the safety measures... and a program full of "global goals" and stars

10,000,000 visits .. «Dubai Expo» confidently crosses the magic number

  • Thousands of Expo visitors held out in the rain last Sunday to watch the K-pop concert on the jubilee stage.

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  • Visitors to the exhibition commemorate their visit with a photo with a model of "Expo".

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The number of visits to Expo 2020 Dubai continues to rise, exceeding 10 million, yesterday, after the international event hosted the first edition of the Global Goals Week, organized outside New York City. It also hosted a concert by a group of Korean “pop” stars, amid confidence The strict safety measures in place at the site of the international event.

Expo 2020 Dubai succeeded in attracting 10,188,769 visits since its launch on the first of last October, until yesterday morning.

The topic weeks at Expo 2020 Dubai are achieving wide popularity, thanks to their inclusion of a number of attractive forums and discussion panels, in addition to the fun activities that are being organized on the grounds of the international event.

sustainable development

In the context of a serious call to action, Global Goals Week will be held from 15 to 22 January, in cooperation with the United Nations, to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

These goals recognize that efforts to eradicate poverty and other deprivations must be aligned with strategies to improve health and education, reduce inequality and stimulate economic growth, as well as tackle climate change and conserve oceans and forests.

Global leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and active contributors to the Global To-Do List campaign continue this week to work towards achieving the desired goals, while visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai are invited to share their own to-do lists aimed at making positive change.

Various festivals

Individuals of all ages can participate in a range of events, including: art, dance, competitions and festivals of lights, organized around the site of the international event, for the purpose of raising awareness and inspiring everyone to become change-makers, as well as the opportunity to join the “Expo 2020” march for climate action, accompanied by an ambassador UNDP Regional Goodwill for Climate Action, Michael Haddad, The Day After Tomorrow.

Running enthusiasts will have another chance to run around the exceptional Expo site.

With the support of the Dubai Sports Council, the second edition of the running event will be held at Expo 2020 Dubai, next Saturday, which allowed participants to choose from three distances: three, five and 10 kilometers.

korean "pop"

And the stars of the world of entertainment and world music continue to attract visitors, as thousands of them withstood the rain, last Sunday, to watch the Korean “pop” concert on the jubilee stage, in celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Korea, and it included the two stars: Psy and Sunmi, and the bands: “Stry Kids,” GI Del, "Golden Child", and "Forestella".

The virtual visits to “Expo 2020 Dubai” exceeded 65 million visits, with the support of various entertainment shows on the “Live from Expo” platform, including concerts by the most prominent stars of Korean “pop” music, by musician A.


Rahman, winner of the "Oscar" and "Grammy" awards, in addition to comprehensive coverage of Global Goals Week.

Safety is a priority

Health and safety remain a top priority for Expo 2020 Dubai, which imposes strict rules throughout its site.

Visitors aged 18 years or over must provide proof of vaccination, or a negative result of a PCR examination conducted within the last 72 hours prior to the visit.

While the measures followed on the site include the mandatory placement of masks in indoor and outdoor spaces for visitors, employees and participants, and the provision of facilities for conducting “BCR” testing for employees of state pavilions, field workers and entertaining artists.

• Health and safety is a top priority for the "Dubai Expo", which imposes strict rules throughout its site.

• The "Expo 2020" march for climate action, accompanied by the Goodwill Ambassador, Michael Haddad, will be launched the day after tomorrow.

big celebration

"Expo 2020 Dubai" has so far hosted international and Arab stars, such as Alicia Keys, Nancy Ajram and Amr Diab, and the "Black Eyed Peas" is scheduled to be added to the list when it sings in Al Wasl Square on the 25th of this month.

Expo 2020 Dubai will continue until March 31, and invites the world to join a global celebration that contributes to shaping a better and brighter future for all.