Surprises for families .. and young visitors are invited to enjoy free meals

“Expo” summarizes the world in a delicious dish

  • Choices from everywhere offered by the International Foodie Fair.

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Expo 2020 Dubai offers its visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the cultures of the world in a different way, by tasting the delicious dishes of the East and the West, which seek to satisfy all tastes, through the hospitality destinations at the International Exhibition.

From gourmet burgers and grills, to authentic Thai and locally grown organic dishes, to spicy African barbecue, family visitors to Expo 2020 are invited to enjoy the best dining experiences that the international event has to offer.

Visitors under the age of eight can not only enter the event site for free, but also enjoy free dining in a range of restaurants in the place, allowing families the opportunity to enjoy a selection of the best food from around the world.

Visitors with children under the age of eight can eat their favorite meals free of charge from the children's menu during weekdays, from Monday to Thursday until March 31, when their parents order main meals from wholesale restaurants.

Below is a view of a number of destinations that offer these free dishes to young visitors, during those days.

Variety of assortment

Created by award-winning chef David Myers, the legendary Adrift burger recipe traveled the world before making its way to Expo 2020.

The chef offers this locally made burger with innovative additions that enhance its flavour, in addition to fried potatoes and whipped drinks that are hard to resist, which makes Adrift’s formula wonderful despite its simplicity, and perhaps this explains the transformation of the restaurant area into a magnet for families in the commuting area since the opening of “Expo 2020”. ».

The “Alf Café by Farm to Table” restaurant in the family transport area ensures that fresh ingredients can be enjoyed with the innovative Alef Café concept at Expo, offering a diverse and high-quality selection of local products that befit the reputation of the UAE, in addition to organic ingredients that It is sourced from a local farm.

The African dining hall is the first of its kind in the world, and all families must visit it in the Jubilee Garden, to eat the finest African food prepared by the best chefs of the continent.

The lounge includes 10 culinary destinations, allowing visitors to explore options designed to cater to all tastes, including buttermilk chicken and smoked grill options.

The serene Baron Restaurant, which embodies the atmosphere of Beirut's neighborhoods, serves delicious rustic dishes, using produce from organic farmers' markets and fish sourced from sustainable sources.

Thus, it provides important food for the whole family at its location in Al Wasl Square.

As for Café Milano, also in the commuting area, it is a destination for families to rejuvenate and rejuvenate, as it gives a feeling of a warm home atmosphere, by offering a bouquet of authentic Italian dishes to suit all tastes.

Indispensable destinations

With its contemporary and calm atmosphere, and the scent of fresh coffee wafting around, Canvas by Coffee Culture is a must-have place for families to sip on caffeine and snack on their next exploration, right out of the area of ​​opportunity.

The “Gastro Roots of Hungry” restaurant welcomes visitors with a warm welcome and offers them the authentic cuisine of Hungary, the country located in central Europe.

The Jubilee Experience Restaurant at Al Wasl Square is a stunningly located restaurant, suitable for special occasions, and features exclusive venues to host some of the world's leading chefs and culinary experts.

Families can also indulge in an experience that combines the tastes of Korea and Japan, high-quality ingredients, contemporary cooking techniques, and food with authentic flavors, at the Opportunity District Kogaki Restaurant.

Among the dishes featured are lobster noodles and cheese, and beef steaks marinated with Korean pears with slow-cooked egg yolk.

While Kotir Restaurant’s menu, also in the Forsaken area, includes authentic Indian drinks and dishes rich in delicious flavors, and allows food lovers to enjoy a different taste through a group of exceptional ingredients, contained in various meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, offered at reasonable prices.

The restaurant invites you to try jackfruit bites, truffle palau rice, marinated lamb chops with turkey biryani, naan bread, and crispy papadum bread, where fresh seasonal ingredients are used to prepare all dishes.

special tastes

Celebrity chef David Thompson is masterful in bringing contemporary tastes of Bangkok to the Long Chem restaurant in the mobility area, offering several dishes, including Thai oxtail soup, Thai curry chicken sauce, and sweet and sour shrimp.

Diners who like to spice things up enjoy this unique Thai street food experience.

As for Modra Restaurant in the Expo 2020 Sustainability Zone, it promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, offering food suitable for all.

While "Rising Flavors" in Jubilee Park invites lovers of authentic Arab taste, to enjoy dishes prepared by talents from the region.

Visitors can enjoy traditional meat and fish dishes served with rice and sweetened with refreshing mint drinks.

 Pizza and Donuts

Bread Ahead Bakery and School, based in London, Britain, includes some of the best bakery makers.

Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai can choose their favorites from a selection of exquisite donuts, freshly baked croissants, sourdough bread and margarita pizzas, from the bakery in the transport area.

• The exhibition allows children under the age of eight, not only to have free entry to the event site, but also to enjoy free dining in a number of restaurants.

• The ultimate in dining experiences.. from gourmet burgers, through to authentic Thai dishes, and organic, locally grown dishes, to spicy African grills.