China News Agency, Hefei, January 18 (Reporter Zhang Jun, Wu Lan, and Zhao Qiang) Anhui's "two sessions" are being held. Representatives and overseas Chinese at the meeting are actively making suggestions and suggestions around the economic and social development of Anhui, and issuing "Overseas Chinese Voice Wishes", hoping to attract more Many overseas Chinese come to Anhui for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1 million relatives of returned overseas Chinese in Anhui Province, and about 500,000 overseas Chinese from Anhui, including about 200,000 new overseas Chinese.

The proportion of overseas high-level talents in Xinqiao is relatively high, and a considerable number of people master high-end science and technology and advanced management experience, which is an important source for Anhui to introduce overseas high-end talents.

  Zhang Xinfeng, who attended the "two sessions" in Anhui Province, is from Bozhou, Anhui Province. She has worked in Singapore for 10 years and has extensive experience in high-end equipment manufacturing and new material research and development.

At the end of 2014, Zhang Xinfeng came to Hefei from Singapore to start a business in line with the original intention of serving the country with science and technology. After 7 years of hard work, the company began to take shape. Its core technology, pure ion coating technology, filled the technological gap in China and realized import substitution.

  Now, while Zhang Xinfeng is developing, he also has a new identity - the president of the European and American Students Association of Hefei High-tech Zone, and plays the role of "bridge link" in contacting and attracting overseas high-level talents.

Zhang Xinfeng suggested that to attract overseas Chinese to come to Anhui for innovation and entrepreneurship, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity and liaison with overseas Chinese, and on the other hand, to improve the supporting policies for overseas Chinese to work and live in Anhui.

"Let the returning people feel 'at home' so that they can be attracted and retained." Zhang Xinfeng said.

  Zhan Jingbo, born in 1987, is a new overseas Chinese, and this time he also attended the "two sessions" in Anhui.

Zhan Jingbo grew up abroad, and now he and his father run an industrial park in Hungary.

On the one hand, he helps outstanding enterprises in Anhui to "go global", and on the other hand, he also helps Hungarian enterprises to explore the Chinese market and find opportunities for investment and cooperation in China.

  Zhan Jingbo said that Anhui has complete technological innovation elements, many scientific research institutes and universities, which is very suitable for overseas Chinese to innovate and start businesses.

Zhan Jingbo suggested to provide multi-level financial services for overseas Chinese who come to Anhui to innovate and start businesses to help solve the capital needs of initial startups.

  Zhang Liye, deputy of the Anhui Provincial People's Congress and vice chairman of the Hefei Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, as the president of the Luyang University of Science and Technology of China Alumni Entrepreneurs Association in Hefei, has long been engaged in the work of "recruiting talents and attracting talents" for high-level overseas talents.

  At the Anhui "two sessions", Zhang Liye's proposal included the formulation of the "Regulations on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Overseas Chinese in Anhui Province" as soon as possible and the revision of the "Measures of Anhui Province for Implementing the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese Family".

Zhang Liye said that attracting overseas Chinese to come to Anhui for innovation and entrepreneurship cannot be without the protection of local laws and regulations.

  "In the form of local regulations, we should encourage returned overseas Chinese and their relatives to take advantage of their extensive resources at home and abroad, and guide and encourage them to serve the economic and social development of Anhui." Zhang Liye suggested that more efforts should be made to promote the talent introduction plan and expand the field appropriately. Relax the threshold, improve the market access system, and improve various preferential supporting policies.

  According to statistics, there are more than 10,000 overseas Chinese-owned enterprises in Anhui.

Since the reform and opening up, overseas Chinese account for 60% of the foreign capital attracted by Anhui.

Anhui (Hefei) Qiaomengyuan has become a gathering area for returning overseas Chinese. As of November 2021, it has attracted more than 3,500 overseas high-level talents, foreign experts, overseas students, 12 domestic and foreign academicians, and cultivated new overseas Chinese listed companies in science and technology9 There are more than 400 overseas Chinese-funded enterprises, with an output value of nearly 42 billion yuan.