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United States, where the number of patients rapidly increased as the omicron mutation spread widely ahead of Korea, is now showing a stagnant pattern. There are also observations that the corona clouds are clearing in some areas, but health experts have diagnosed that the situation will continue for a few more difficult weeks.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


As of yesterday (17th), the average number of new confirmed cases per day in the United States for a week was 801,000, and after rising to 800,000 for the first time on the 13th, it stayed at the same level for four days in a row.

The explosive spread began to show signs of stagnation.

In New York State, the early epicenter of Omicron, there are even hopeful observations.

[Cash Hocal/Governor of New York: The situation is improving, and it is getting better from the Corona forecast situation I have. The 'corona cloud' is clearing.]

However, the average number of hospitalized patients per day is approaching 160,000, breaking new highs every day.

In this situation, each hospital is suffering from a severe manpower shortage as medical staff leave the hospital one after another because of the Corona 19 infection or because they will not be able to do it anymore.

[Vivek Mercy / Director of the US Public Health Service: The problem is that the whole country does not move at the same speed. In some regions, the spread of omicrons started late. The next few weeks are going to be even tougher.]

To solve the lack of testing due to the spread of Omicron, the White House decided to distribute four corona self-diagnosis kits to each household for free starting the day after tomorrow.