China News Service, January 17. According to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, the Chinese New Year is approaching, and the number of visitors to Chinatown has increased significantly. To ensure the safety of visitors, the Singapore Tourism Board will strengthen a series of safety management and crowd control measures.

  This includes cooperating with organizations such as the Chinatown Business Association, requiring shops and restaurants in hot areas such as Xinqiao Road (commonly known as Dapo Erma Road), Pagoda Street and Terengganu Street not to extend their business areas to the sidewalk, so as not to let It is difficult for visitors to maintain a safe distance.

  For three consecutive weekends starting from January 15, local time, the Singaporean authorities will send more law enforcement officers and safety distance ambassadors to Chinatown to maintain order.

  On January 15, local time, the Singapore Tourism Board issued a statement saying that it will cooperate with relevant agencies to monitor the crowds in Chinatown, and consider taking additional measures during peak hours, such as closing the pedestrian entrance from Xinqiao Road to Pagoda Street and limiting crowds. Enter Chinatown MRT Station from Exit A of Pagoda Street, and prohibit vehicles from driving on Pagoda Street, etc.

  The Singapore Tourism Board urges the public to avoid visiting Chinatown during peak hours and to abide by the current epidemic prevention and safety management measures, such as maintaining a distance of one meter, wearing masks, and gathering no more than five people.

"We urge everyone to take responsibility so that everyone can celebrate the festival safely." (Lu Lingzhi)