• The situation in the critical care units of public hospitals in Marseille (AP-HM) is slowly improving and beds have been freed up.

  • This allowed the AP-HM to start rescheduling the operations canceled by the triggering of the white plan, says Professor Jean-Luc Jouve, president of the AP-HM Medical Commission.

  • However, the situation in conventional care remains tense.

The nursing staff of the public assistance of Marseille hospitals (AP-HM) sees the end of the tunnel. A harbinger of the start of a decline in the Covid-19 epidemic, at least in terms of hospital tension in critical care units, operations deprogrammed during the previous epidemic peak were able to start resuming this Monday morning.

"We were under the reign of the Delta variant, which is in the process of disappearing, and we have a relaxation of hospitalizations in critical care with beds which are starting to become free", indicates Professor Jean-Luc Jouve, president of the Medical Commission of the AP-HM.

A breath of fresh air which allows the AP-HM "to open 85% of our operating rooms" and to operate on patients on the waiting list who had seen their intervention deprogrammed with the triggering of the white plan, on December 7th.

The situation in “conventional” units remains tense

Good news on three levels.

For "patients in critical condition who were waiting for an operation" first.

Then, for the nursing staff “under stress”.

And finally, “for the population, since it seems that Omicron is less aggressive”, observes Professor Jouve.

In the resuscitation services of the department, the situation indeed seems to be improving, according to data from Public Health France compiled on the covidtracker site.

This last week saw 17 new admissions per day on average compared to 23 the previous week.

However, the situation in “conventional” units remains tense, he tempers.

As illustrated by the 119.6 admissions per day on average this last week in the Bouches-du-Rhône, and an ever higher incidence rate (3,017.5).


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