As the infection situation of the new corona worsens, the government is adjusting to apply priority measures such as prevention of spread to 1 metropolitan area such as Tokyo, 3 prefectures of Tokai, Niigata and Kumamoto.

On the 18th, the relevant ministers will discuss the response, and on the 19th, they will make a formal decision after consulting with experts.

The number of newly infected people of the new corona has exceeded 20,000 for four consecutive days until the 17th, and the infection situation continues to deteriorate sharply.

Of these, the rate of bed use is rising in Tokyo, reaching 21.1% as of the 17th, exceeding 20%, which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government had been considering requesting the application of priority measures such as prevention of spread.

In light of these circumstances, the Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa metropolitan areas, one metropolitan area and three prefectures, jointly requested the government on the 17th to apply priority measures such as spread prevention.

Also in the Tokai region, Gifu and Mie are requesting the application of priority measures, and Aichi is also planning to request it on the 18th.

In addition to these local governments, the government has a policy of responding to requests for Niigata, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, and Miyazaki, where the infection situation is deteriorating, and has coordinated to apply priority measures to 10 prefectures in total. I am.

We are coordinating with the local government by setting the application period to about 3 weeks.

Furthermore, if there is a request from other local governments, we will consider applying priority measures.

On the other hand, even if the vaccine is given twice, cases of infection with the Omicron strain have been reported. We are considering whether to stop the "package" for the time being.

On the 18th, Prime Minister Kishida, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto, Minister in Charge of Japan's New Corona Countermeasures, and other related ministers will discuss the response, and if the policy is finalized, the government will make a "basic response" on the 19th with experts on infectious diseases. After consulting with the Policy Subcommittee, the Countermeasures Headquarters will formally decide.