70 companies in the "Innovation 2022" exhibition

"Smart" Korea pampers "Expo" visitors... with a recipe for technology and beauty

  • The celebrations of the Korean National Day at "Expo 2020" witnessed a variety of paragraphs.

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  • “Korea for Innovation” enriched the experiences of its visitors with many diverse and exciting experiences.

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The Korea Innovation Fair 2022, which kicked off the day before yesterday, takes visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai to various aspects of Korean culture, pampering guests of the global event with a unique blend of beauty, health and food, along with innovative technology.

About 70 companies representing South Korea, including Hyundai Motors and Samsung, are participating in the exhibition, which concludes today at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, in addition to a number of small and medium-sized companies displaying their diverse products.

The “Korea Innovation 2022” highlights the main themes of Expo 2020 Dubai, as it includes the “Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility” pavilions, in addition to the “Lifestyle” pavilion, in which some well-known companies and brands, such as “Beauty Inside” and “Beauty Inside” are presented. Dermal Korea", "Bio Health Korea" and others, offer their various beauty products and services, as well as many distinctive technological innovations to care for the beauty and health of the skin.

The exhibition also provides visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai, within the section on the Korean city of Busan, an extensive overview of the culture, history and advantages of this city, which is the second largest city in South Korea, and is a global city that enjoys openness, hospitality and diversity.

Busan strives to transform into a futuristic eco-friendly smart city using Korean digital technology.

And about this distinguished section in the “Lifestyle” pavilion, the Korean Trumpan Cho, who participated in the promotion of Busan, said: “Our main goal by participating in (Expo 2020 Dubai) is to promote the city of Busan as a distinctive tourist destination, by reviewing the culture, history and special advantages that it offers. The city enjoys, with the aim of promoting the attractiveness of the international event (Expo 2030) that Busan seeks to host.”

"We also aim by highlighting Busan to create more jobs and investment opportunities in the economy and industry for people around the world," he added.

Visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" also enjoy many diverse and exciting experiences, which are offered free of charge at the "Korea Innovation Fair", including the experience of taking pictures with famous Korean dramas and sharing them on "Instagram", and obtaining free gifts, in the experiences and activities platform.

The Republic of Korea Pavilion, located in the Mobility Zone, brings together Korean art, culture and lifestyle in one place, as rotating cubes project ever-changing images onto the pavilion's outer facades.

A painting pulsing with art, culture and visions of the future will be waiting for visitors to the pavilion.

The five-storey pavilion represents South Korea's aspiration to contribute to leading humanity towards a better future. Its design is based on the concept of group dance, and seeks through its design and exhibits to embody Korean vitality on a total area of ​​more than 5,200 square meters.

Under the slogan "Smart Korea Moves the World Towards You", the country - which is famous for its technological capabilities - will host a variety of events that take advantage of the growing popularity of its arts in film, television and music.

The innovation exhibition coincides with the Korean National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, whose celebrations witnessed the event, the day before yesterday, which were characterized by cultural performances that shed light on the traditions, energy, unity and modernity of this country, and included a display of the famous traditional Korean “jango” drum, and a review Taekwondo martial arts, a package of K-pop songs, in addition to a busy artistic program that lit up the night of the "Expo".

• Experience taking pictures with famous Korean dramas, sharing them on Instagram, and getting free gifts.

• The exhibition highlights the main themes of "Expo 2020", as it includes the pavilions "Sustainability, Opportunities and Mobility", in addition to "Lifestyle".

Trumpan Chu:

• “Our goal is to promote Busan as a tourist destination, as the city seeks to host (Expo 2030).”

private platforms

The Korea Innovation Fair 2022, at Expo Dubai, includes platforms for tourism services, such as: the tourism centers and projects platform, the tourism and travel companies platform, in addition to the AR-filtered visual arts imaging platform, and other platforms.