Baselitz, Richter, Bitomsky - soon, the painter (Andreas Lust) and his enterprising sister Veronika Bitomsky (Helene Grass) dream, his pictures will be hanging in the MoMa in New York in the exhibition of important contemporary artists, and his market value will shoot through the roof. His place with the solvent collectors and investors would be safe for him. Of course only if the expert Dr. Piontek carries out the corresponding evaluation. However, it is of little help that Piontek lies dead in the dunes of Sylt. Ironically, after it was in the gallery of Ferdinand Frayn (Gustav Peter Wöhler) with the now dead appraiser and his assistant Dr. Anemone Andersson (Patrycia Ziolkowska) came to a head. Unfortunately, colleague Hinnerk Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk), the profiler in Carl Sievers' (Peter Heinrich Brix) team,self-proclaimed combination genius, with a broken leg in the clinic. How he managed to do this is beyond the imagination of his colleague and flatmate Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler).

While Sievers carefully worked his way into the investigation, Behrendsen studied the clues and Feldmann in the hospital, guarded by a nurse's kite, got a mute sailor to live next to him in bed, who would still play a role, when the new "T 800-101" rushed in from Vienna. As part of the transnational exchange program, the wet researcher Ottfried Lechner (Felix Everding) is supposed to provide support, but first of all he causes a syltic-Austrian "culture clash". He spreads "smear", plays café staff (Sievers ungraciously: "I drink tea"), takes Feldmann's place and sleeps next to the suspect painter Bitomsky in the cell ("high season - all rooms booked").

Sievers, on the other hand, refrains from all antics and learns about the work of "art consultants", other experts, examination of original and fake, possibilities of canvas determination, color composition and so on. The lesson from Dr. Andersson is not without consequences. Does Sievers' friend Tabea Krawinkel (Victoria Trauttmansdorff) have a real Bellini, a Venetian artist worth millions, hanging in the living room? And what do the Giessweins (Ole Schloßhauer, Martin Wißner), art collectors without a clue but with airs, have to do with the case in which the picture "Study in Turquoise", Russian avant-garde from around 1900, also seems to play a role?

This and many other riddles to be puzzled together are solved in "Nord Nord Mord - Sievers und das murderisches Turquoise" in one and a half very entertaining hours, which are rather undemanding and low-tension puzzles. One is surprised that ZDF presents the episode of the now long-lived series, which found the right successor for Robert Atzorn in the bone-dry Peter Heinrich Brix, as “TV film of the week”, but on the other hand it is not. Nord Nord Mord lives on the guys, not the cases.

Wnuk plays the annoying know-it-all, Brendler the clever investigator, for Brix strength lies in calm. In addition, there are always strong actors and actresses in the episodes, such as Gustav Peter Wöhler (whom you always believe is capable of everything) and Victoria Trauttmansdorff or Andreas Lust. The screenplays are of varying quality, but not abysmal, there is usually a gentle sense of humor (author here: Thomas O. Walendy, director Berno Kürten, camera Friederike Hess). "Nord Nord Mord" is one of the better ones among the "utility crime novels", but this is also a clear example of the implementation of the public service program mandate in the "fictional entertainment" subject.

Last but not least, “Sievers and the murderous turquoise” seems as if the broadcasting commission has recently reformulated and is currently widely discussing the mandate under the state media treaty to only include entertainment in the program in the future to the extent that it serves the purpose of education, culture and information transfer (roughly, but meaningfully said), already internalized. The educational aspect: There is a lot to learn about authenticity testing of works of art. The cultural aspect: (a little) knowledge about different art epochs is imparted. The information aspect: The real estate market on Sylt is a disaster for average earners, but not when you're a commissioner. Humor is the vehicle of this message transport. All in all, the program order in "Nord Nord Mord" - thanks to the actors - on.However, one would prefer not to award “Nord Nord Mord” a role model function or performance show dimension (keyword: “TV film of the week”).

Nord Nord Mord - Sievers and the murderous turquoise

, this Monday at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF.