Ukrainian President Proposes Tripartite Meeting of US-Russian-Ukrainian Heads of State

  Xinhua News Agency, Kiev, January 15 (Reporter Li Dongxu) According to the Ukrainian state news agency, Yermak, head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, said on the 14th that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed a tripartite meeting with U.S. President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  On the same day, Yermak said in a meeting with former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Herbst that Zelensky had sent an invitation to Biden to hold a video meeting, and said that the United States, Russia and Ukraine may hold a meeting of heads of state through video connection.

  Yermak said that Ukraine is currently waiting for Russia's response, and the United States has expressed interest in this proposal.

  Regarding Ukraine's proposal to hold a meeting between the heads of state of the United States, Russia and Ukraine, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said in response to questions from the Russian media on the 14th, "At present, Russia has not received any information."

  Since November last year, the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border has been tense again.

Recently, around Ukraine and other issues, after Russia held a strategic stability dialogue with the United States on the 10th of this month, Russia conducted dialogues with NATO on the 12th and the West under the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on the 13th, but these dialogues failed to achieve substance. sexual outcomes.