Shortly after the military coup d'etat in Myanmar, an event was held for young Japanese to think about the ongoing turmoil in the field.

Before the 1st year of the coup d'etat by the Myanmar Army, the event planned by high school students who lived in Myanmar at that time connected the venues in Tokyo and the whole country online, and university students and junior and senior high school students. Nearly 30 people participated.

Among them, when he came to Japan last year as a representative of Myanmar for soccer, he showed his intention to protest against the military, and then Pyae Lyan Aung, who was recognized as a refugee in Japan, gave a lecture, "The local situation is day by day. It's getting worse and I can't even blame him. "

He then called for support for the pro-democracy forces that oppose the military, calling for "Japan is a blessed environment where people can freely choose their lives. It is not a matter of course, I want them to value their freedom."

At the event, a video recording how the peaceful Myanmar town was destroyed by the battle was also introduced, and the participants looked seriously.

Yuna Nonaka (16), a high school student who returned from Myanmar with her family in March last year and planned an event, said, "I want the younger generation to know what happened in Myanmar. And someday, young people from both countries can interact with each other. I want to connect it to the future. "