Gérald Darmanin asked the Paris police headquarters on Sunday to report to justice after the publication of a photo of a group of far-right activists, suspected of having marched in Paris on Saturday giving Nazi salutes. .

"This photo taken on the sidelines of the anti-pass demonstration of the so-called "Patriots" movement shocks many, and rightly so.

At my request, the Prefecture of Police has made a report to Justice so that all the necessary follow-up can be taken, ”tweeted the Minister of the Interior.

Nazi salutes or simple clapping within the procession?

The photo freezes most of the members of the procession with their arms outstretched, raised towards the sky, which could suggest the posture of Nazi salutes, which is not established at this stage. Others could see it as a "clapping", a ritual of supporters to applaud a team during play or at the end of a match.

On the photo, in particular broadcast on the Telegram “Ouest Casual” loop popular with the identity movement but also on Twitter, several dozen people, some dressed in black and hooded, parade behind a banner “liberties are not granted, they take each other”. “White Block of 200 nationalists at the demonstration against the health pass”, is thus captioned the photo on “Ouest Casual”. "Following the minister's tweet, the prosecution received the report from the police headquarters and will decide what action to take," the PP confirmed to AFP.

“The power is so desperate, he sees the polls which show that the French support him less and less on the covid, he sees the huge popular demonstrations, so he indulges in the most absurd, unworthy and grotesque manipulations!

“, for his part reacted Florian Philippot, the candidate Patriots for the presidential election on Twitter.

On Saturday, two image reporter journalists (JRI) from AFP, as well as their two close protection guards, were violently attacked by a group of around fifty people, identified as far-right, while they were covering the anti-vaccination pass rally organized by Les Patriotes.

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