Double crisis!

Prince Andrew was stripped of his military rank, and British government officials were once again exposed to illegal gatherings

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] The British royal family and government are in crisis at the same time!

According to media reports on the 14th, Britain's Prince Andrew was stripped of his military rank and royal patron status for alleged sexual assault, and Johnson's government officials were once again revealed to have held parties during the epidemic control period.

"Johnson and Andrew, 'global Britain' left such an impression on the world," said Campbell, a senior adviser to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

  Buckingham Palace said in a statement that the British royal family has stripped the Duke of York (Prince Andrew) of his military rank and royal patronage.

He will no longer have any public responsibilities and will defend sexual assault cases as a regular citizen.

According to sources, Prince Andrew will also be banned from using the title "His Royal Highness" in official settings.

Prince Andrew was previously involved in a minor sex trafficking case organized by the rich American Epstein.

He could face trial between September and December this year.

  Some people joked that Prince Andrew helped British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and single-handedly diverted attention from the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, the British government was once again accused of holding a party in violation of epidemic prevention regulations on the 13th.

According to the "Daily Telegraph" report, on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral in April last year, the British government held two farewell parties for departing employees.

At that time, the United Kingdom imposed a number of restrictions, and even the funeral of Prince Philip was only attended by 30 people.

On the 14th, the British government apologized to the Queen for the incident.

  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not attend the above two gatherings, but he has already been forced into the palace for participating in parties in violation of epidemic prevention regulations.

Johnson has asked MPs to delay his "trial" pending the results of an internal investigation into the Downing Street party by senior civil servant Gray.

If she decides that Johnson has misled Parliament in previous statements, there is a very good chance that Johnson will step down.

  Although Johnson and Prince Andrew are involved in different scandals, both are privileged, according to the New York Times, and their actions have sparked debates about class, privilege and double standards.

Legal experts say the monarchy, because of its longevity and stability, can moderate the most extreme forces in politics, yet Britain's royal family and government are now in a rare simultaneous crisis.

"Typically, they avoid a simultaneous crisis," Campbell said.

(Wang Xiaoxiong)