Controversy in Poland after a massive leak of army data on the internet

A Polish soldier at the border with Belarus on August 26, 2021 (illustrative image).

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The online media Onet revealed that nearly 1.7 million data had leaked on the internet, revealing in particular military equipment in the hands of soldiers of the Polish army.

An investigation has been opened while the opposition demands the resignation of the Minister of Defense.


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With our correspondent in Warsaw,

Sarah Bakaloglou

From firearms, missiles, ammunition, computer equipment used by the Polish army to soldiers' clothes or purchased printers... According to online media


, information about

army equipment

that has leaked online allows to establish the precise state of the equipment and "

 to determine, for example, what equipment is not operational or what is missing in the Polish army 


Extremely valuable information for foreign intelligence services, adds the newspaper, saying that the database has already been downloaded by users from more than a dozen countries.

What strongly worry the opposition.

 We are sitting on a powder keg and the ruling party is pretending to control the situation

 ,” reacted, for example, a member of the Civic Platform.

For the Polish Ministry of Defense, nothing to worry about.

The publication of this data only contains publicly available information and does not pose a threat to state security, the ministry said.

An investigation launched

He nevertheless specifies that an investigation has been launched against the official who placed the file on an unauthorized server.

 Poland is safe, 

” the Defense Minister tweeted, advising opposition politicians to calm down and drink a glass of cold water.

Uspokajam, nie wyciekły żadne tajne informacje, a Polska jest bezpieczna.

Politykom totalnej opozycji rekomenduję otrzeźwienie i szklankę zimnej wody.

— Mariusz Blaszczak (@mblaszczak) January 14, 2022


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