▲ A poster of the disappearance of Damari Perry posted by the North Chicago Police Department.

A family in the United States who left a 6-year-old child to death due to abuse and falsely reported his disappearance will be brought to justice.

According to Fox News and other foreign media on the 13th local time, the North Chicago Police Department detained three family members, including a mother and a brother, on charges of killing 6-year-old Damari Perry.

According to the police, they abused Damari on December 30, forcing her to shower in cold water, saying they were corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment continued until Tamari lost consciousness, and when Tamari died, they abandoned the body and falsely reported the disappearance to the police.

They told the police, "Damari followed her sister's party and then disappeared."

▲ Area where Damari Perry's body was found

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Damari's body said "Damari Perry died of hypothermia," but said he had partial burns and bruises.

Local prosecutors indicted a total of three people, including Damari's mother, Jenny Perry, 38, and her brother, Jeremiah, R. Perry, 20.

According to a document obtained from the Children's and Family Welfare Department obtained by the local media, it was understood that Perry lost all custody of her six children, including Damari, through the foster care system in 2015, but regained it two years later.

At a preliminary hearing at the Lake County Circuit Court, Illinois, held on the 12th local time, Jenny Perry was sentenced to $5 million in bail and sent to prison on charges of first degree murder, concealment of the body, and obstruction of the execution of official duties.

The older brother, Jeremiah R. Perry, is charged with bodily injury, concealment of murder and aggravated beating of a child under the age of 12, while Damari's other siblings, who were also charged with minors, are unknown.

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(Photo=North Chicago Police Department Facebook, Google Maps)