China News Service, January 14 (Xinhua) According to a comprehensive report, when the situation in Ukraine continued to be tense, Russia held intensive talks with the United States, NATO and the OSCE this week, but the meetings failed to achieve a breakthrough.

The US ambassador to the OSCE (OSCE) Carpenter said after the OSCE meeting on the 13th that he had "heard the drums of war beating".

On December 3, 2021 local time, a Ukrainian soldier in a trench in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

  The OSCE held its first plenary session in 2022 in Vienna on the 13th.

Since both Russia and Ukraine are members of the organization, the issue naturally focuses on the highly tense situation in Russia and Ukraine.

  The Polish Foreign Minister Raou, who holds the rotating presidency of the OSCE, also said on the 13th that the risk of war in the OSCE region is now greater than at any time in the past 30 years.

  Carpenter also told the media after the meeting: "We are facing a security crisis in Europe. The drums of war have been beaten and the words have become quite sharp."

  However, Carpenter also said: "We are ready to reach out and have a serious and sincere dialogue. But we will see if Russia is also ready (to continue the dialogue)."

  Later on the 13th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told reporters that he believed that the basis for continued dialogue did not yet exist.

"In a sense, it's now a dead end." Rybuyakov led a delegation this week to talks with the United States and NATO, as well as a meeting of the OSCE.

  In this regard, Carpenter reiterated that the United States will not negotiate on the "core principles" involved in Russia's demands.

He said: "If the Russians don't negotiate anymore, it will clearly show that they did not intend to engage in serious diplomacy in the first place." Russia had previously submitted to the US a draft of the Russia-US security guarantee treaty, including requests to rule out further eastward expansion of NATO, NATO commitments Do not include Ukraine and other countries into NATO, etc.

  Recently, relations between Russia, the United States and NATO have continued to be tense over the Ukraine issue.

Russia and Ukraine have deployed a large number of military personnel and equipment in the border areas of the two countries, and the United States and Ukraine have claimed that Russia may be preparing to "invade" Ukraine.

In this regard, Russia has repeatedly denied it, emphasizing that NATO activities threaten Russia's border security, and Russia has the right to mobilize troops within the territory to defend its territory.