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Éric Zemmour is going to Hauts-de-France this Friday, he will talk about education, a major theme he wants to install in his campaign.

But above all, by this trip he wants to concretize the union of rights, by going hunting on RN and LR lands.

He will hold a public meeting this evening in Saint-Quentin, the city of Xavier Bertrand.

A very strategic trip by Éric Zemmour to Hauts-de-France.

The presidential candidate is going to the North department this Friday morning.

A rural territory, marked by deindustrialization.

Before giving a public meeting in the evening in the Aisne, more precisely in Saint-Quentin.

And this place owes nothing to chance, since it is the city of Xavier Bertrand, fallen candidate at the Republican Congress on December 4th.

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Reach out to the popular electorate

It is explicit, the candidate is in contact with a popular electorate, acquired by Marine Le Pen and which he clearly wants to seize.

It also allows him to silence the critics of opponents who attack him on the supposed elitism of his candidacy.

The place of its public meeting was not chosen at random… In the Aisne, in Saint Quentin, the city of Xavier Bertrand.

The LR electorate is therefore also targeted by Éric Zemmour.

First trip with Guillaume Peltier

This trip symbolizes the bridge he wants to embody between the National Rally and the Republicans.

As confided by a member of his entourage, he concretizes the union of the rights on the ground... To show his strategy clearly, he is accompanied for the first time by Guillaume Peltier, his war prize, ex-number 2 of the Republicans, who he appointed spokesperson for his campaign and vice-president of his "Reconquest" party.