China News Service, Yinchuan, January 13 (Li Peishan and Yang Xuan) The reporter held the "Ningxia Women's Development Plan (2021-2030)" and "Ningxia Children's Development Plan (2021-2030)" held by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government Information Office on the 13th It was learned at the press conference that the treatment rate of cervical cancer patients in Ningxia has now reached more than 90%.

  Cervical cancer and breast cancer are one of the most common cancers in women. Once they occur, the harm is not trivial, and the cost of treatment is high, bringing a double blow to many patients and their families, both physical health and economic losses.

In order to increase the rate of early diagnosis and treatment of "two cancers" among women and reduce the mortality rate of "two cancers", various regions in Ningxia have taken the initiative to send doctors to the countryside in recent years, and provide free breast cancer to rural women between the ages of 35 and 64 and women from urban low-income families. Cancer and cervical cancer screening, and a certain degree of "two cancers" relief funds to ease their financial pressure.

  In order to improve women's health, Ningxia has implemented a series of preferential policies and measures in many departments.

In addition to the significant increase in the treatment rate of cervical cancer, at present, the maternal mortality rate in Ningxia has dropped to less than 10/100,000 (the national program has dropped to less than 12/100,000), and the basic endowment insurance participation rate of women has reached more than 95 (the national program is 90%). %) and other 14 quantitative indicators that are higher or better than the national “two classes”.

  Among them, the Ningxia Health and Health Commission has raised women's awareness of "prevention first and active screening" for cervical cancer and breast cancer, and the awareness rate of Ningxia women's "two cancers" prevention and control knowledge has reached more than 90%.

Promote the pilot work of HPV vaccination of school-age women.

Implement the "two cancers" inspection items for rural women in basic public health services.

Improve the connection mechanism of screening and diagnosis and treatment, standardize screening and diagnosis and treatment services of medical and health care institutions, improve the rate of early diagnosis and treatment and the quality of diagnosis and treatment, and the treatment rate of cervical cancer patients will reach more than 90%.

  Jin Xiaoxin, a second-level inspector of the Ningxia Health and Health Commission, said that the health and health department will increase the screening of cervical cancer and breast cancer in women, and carry out premature birth, low birth weight, anemia, obesity, abnormal psychological and behavioral development, poor vision, dental caries, etc. Screening, intervention and treatment of children's health problems; improving the diagnosis and treatment system for serious diseases such as children's blood diseases and malignant tumors; improving the infant care service system, strengthening early childhood development services, and comprehensively improving the health of women and children.