An extensive storm is sweeping over the northern parts of the country today.

According to SMHI, which has issued an orange warning for the Lapland mountains, strong winds will pull in over the mountain range, which in combination with heavy snowfall is expected to cause "very difficult" weather.

- It will be messy weather today, especially in the mountain range, says SVT's Meteorologist Tora Tomasdottir.

It is also expected to be really slippery on the roads.

SMHI has issued yellow warnings in Ångermanland, large parts of Västerbotten County, Jämtland County and the southeasternmost Norrbotten County as a result of a sudden ice slide.

Strong winds are also expected in Jämtland's mountain areas.

- When it blows as much in the mountains as it does today, the temperature will rise.

We get milder air from the south, and when the temperature rises we get rain on cold roads and then it gets very slippery very quickly, says Tora Tomasdottir.

Schools close

In Åre, the municipality has decided to close the primary schools until Friday due to the weather.

No school transport will be offered and only students of parents who work in socially important activities will be given care.

In Krokom, similar measures have been taken in the next two days.

However, preschools and leisure will be open, the municipality announces.

Plus degrees are expected in the southern parts of the country.

- The southern half of the country, the temperature is quite well on the plus side, up to five plus degrees during the day, says Tora Tomasdottir.