The EU's corona aid programs have by no means been exhausted by the member states.

This is the conclusion of the Leibniz Institute for Financial Market Research.

It researched the extent to which loans and guarantees were drawn down from the SURE, PCS and EGF programs.

According to the EU, the aid decided in spring 2020 had a total volume of 540 billion euros.

According to the findings of the Frankfurt researchers, however, only around 125 billion euros will be used.

Almost all of the SURE loans were used (95 out of 100 billion euros);

The main beneficiaries in terms of gross domestic product were southern European countries such as Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy.

According to the researchers, however, the € 240 billion PCS program has proven to be a “slow-moving” program: no country has so far applied for loans from it.

Of the 200 billion euros from the EGF fund, a good 20 billion had been called up by November.

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