China News Service, Jinan, January 12 (Li Mingrui) Qilu Medical Innovation Summit Forum and Shandong University Qilu Medical Science and Technology Innovation Week were held in Jinan, Shandong on the 12th.

Experts and scholars from the fields of medicine and health, science and technology, universities, and enterprise representatives from all over the country focus on scientific research innovation and technological progress in the medical field, and jointly seek the future of human health.

  "The development of the health field is inseparable from the progress of science and technology. Technology provides the means for science, and science provides the foundation for technology." Dong Erdan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in a keynote report entitled "Leading of Science and Technology in Health Promotion" that the new era of The connotation of health requires providing people with systematic and continuous integrated services of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion, and accelerating the transformation from disease treatment to people's health.

Scientific and technological innovation in the field of health is characterized by high R&D costs and high risks of failure. A strict regulatory system is required to evaluate medical technologies in terms of quality, safety and effectiveness.

Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave an online speech entitled "Science and technology innovation creates a medical peak".

Photo by Zhao Xiao

  Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced through an online speech that in the treatment of severe and critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan, the medical team has increased the application of artificial liver, micro-ecology, stem cells and other new technologies, combined with the experience of H7N9 treatment, to reduce the fatality rate of severe patients. significantly reduced.

Give full play to scientific and technological information technology, innovate in-depth application, and support the whole process of "AI + big data + 5G + Internet" to support the fight against the new crown epidemic.

"My team and I will continue to create emerging interdisciplinary disciplines and platforms, actively promote scientific research results, vigorously develop new medical technologies, and explore unsolved problems in the medical field."

Fan Liming, President of Shandong University, delivered a speech.

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  Fan Liming, President of Shandong University, said in his speech that medical innovation is an important part of the national innovation system and the driving force for comprehensively promoting the construction of a healthy China.

In the school's academic innovation system, Qilu Medicine is a key growth pole and plays an important role in the construction of first-class disciplines, the construction of the affiliated hospital system, and the construction of the clinical professor system.

Through academic exchanges in various medical-related research fields, the school will carry out cooperative research, promote the sharing of results, accelerate the construction of national regional medical centers, and establish national clinical medical research centers and national medical centers, so as to provide strong support for building a healthy China and maintaining people’s lives and health. theoretical and technical support.

Zhang Lixiang, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Health Commission, delivered a speech.

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  Zhang Lixiang, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Health Commission, said that in recent years, the level of scientific and technological innovation in the field of health and health in Shandong Province has been significantly improved, innovations have been rapidly transformed into applications, and the training structure has been continuously optimized, providing guarantees for the reform and development of health care.

The summit forum held by Shandong University will play an important role in the innovation and development of Shandong's medical science and technology.

The Shandong Provincial Health and Health Commission will, as always, support Shandong University to carry out medical science and technology innovation, strengthen policy supply, promote medical, teaching and research collaboration, and build strong scientific and technological support for breakthroughs in a healthy and strong province.

  This forum is hosted by Shandong University and jointly organized by Shandong University Science and Technology Research Institute, Qilu Medical College and Qilu Hospital.

At the same time, the launching ceremony of the Yellow River Basin Emergency and Critical Care Science and Technology Innovation Alliance was held.