As a measure at the border of "Omicron stock", the government will soon review the measures to suspend the re-entry of foreigners with Japanese status of residence in 11 African countries, taking into account changes in the situation. , We will accept it in the future.

Regarding the border measures for the new coronavirus variant virus "Omicron strain", the government will suspend new entry of foreigners in principle, and will have the status of residence of Japan in 11 African countries such as South Africa where the infection was first confirmed. In principle, re-entry of foreigners has also stopped.

Regarding this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference, "We have refused to re-enter Japan from South Africa in principle, but we will accept it because of humanitarian consideration." Regarding the re-entry of qualified foreigners, we will review the response soon and clarified the policy to allow it in the future.

On the other hand, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said that he is "considering how to deal with foreign students, taking into account the situation where some students are approaching graduation or promotion," and the principle of not allowing new foreigners to enter the country is the principle. He expressed his intention to flexibly respond to individual circumstances while maintaining it.